'Little People, Big World': Fans Are Worried for Amy Roloff After She Posts Her Mom 'Isn't Doing So Well'

The latest season of Little People, Big World just ended, and Amy Roloff surprised us all with her big decision regarding Roloff Farms. It’s not just the farm we heard about for the past few months, either. LPBW fans got tons of insight into Amy’s personal life — from her relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Marek, to her difficulties she experienced as a child. And she recently opened up on Instagram about her mom’s ailing health.

Here’s what Amy Roloff just posted and how fans are showing their concern.

Amy Roloff has discussed having a troubled childhood before

Now that Chris is in the picture, LPBW fans have seen Amy open up about her personal life in ways we’ve never seen before. And it surprised many to hear her talk about her troubled and difficult childhood with Chris, Zach Roloff, and her brother present. The Hollywood Gossip notes Amy discussed having a number of health issues as a kid which she attributed to being a nervous and stressed child. And it seems she was bullied a lot for her dwarfism as well.

Amy and her brother recounted a few tales in this clip of Amy’s bullying, and she cried to the cameras about how it all affected her. “Thing from your childhood can affect you for the rest of your life, and I know it’s affected me for a long, long time,” she said. And when Zach asked what Amy’s parents thought about the whole ordeal, Amy said, “They weren’t home. … I don’t remember us telling them.” Her brother then verified that he didn’t think either of them told their parents about the harrowing ordeals she went through.

She’s posted about visiting her aging parents to Instagram as well

We don’t hear of or see too much of Amy’s parents on the show, but Amy has posted about them multiple times on Instagram. Last August, she posted a photo of her with her parents to celebrate her dad’s 90th birthday and her parent’s 65th anniversary. “What a wonderful time creating more special memories. … What a legacy. I miss them both all the time and hearing some of my father’s little bits of wisdom never gets old! He shared four w/ all of us Well they both have done their best to do just that and well – 65 years later,” she captioned the post.

While we may not see Amy’s aging parents on screen too often, it’s clear she goes up and spends time with them when she can — and fans also love seeing her mom and dad, too. “Nice to see you with your parents beautiful picture [sic],” one fan commented on the post. “You’re very blessed to have both your parents and for them to be so supportive in all that you do,” another added.

Amy just noted her mom isn’t doing well, and fans are worried

It seems Amy is back visiting her parents again this summer — but she just got candid with her Instagram followers regarding the nature of her visit. “From Souix Falls SD to Going ‘home’ to see my parents. My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get [sic],” she captioned the post. She also posted a photo with her father on June 9 with the caption, “After visiting w/ my Mom in the hospital I made dinner for my Dad! He enjoyed it and I loved making it for him. My Mom is doing ok. The coming home and the care she may need is the tough part [sic].”

Fans seem concerned about Amy’s posts and her mom’s condition. “Aww sorry your mom isn’t doing well; been there – it’s hard! Savor every moment with them!” one fan commented on the most recent post. And on the photo with Amy and her father, another added, “Amy, I’m so glad your mom is being discharged from the hospital but I will continue to pray for her healing.” We’re sending positive thoughts toward Amy and her family, too!

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