Little People's Audrey Roloff slammed for letting son Bode, 10 months, play alone with hot oil diffuser on counter

AUDREY Roloff is being criticized by fans again for putting her 10-month-old son, Bode, in a “dangerous” situation leaving him alone on a counter near a hot oil diffuser. 

The mom-of-two snapped a picture of her baby boy on the high-top in the kitchen as a machine from the essential oil line she heavily promotes blows into his face. 

Audrey, 29, frequently shares sponsored content from Young Living – a company that sells essential oils and diffusers. 

During an advertisement shared to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, the Little People, Big World star showed Bode alone near the device. 

The baby was sitting inches away from the diffuser as his hand reached out to touch it. 

Steam from the machine blew into Bode’s face as he sat atop the kitchen counter while his mom stepped back to snap the picture. 

Fans were alarmed that Audrey put her son in “danger” by leaving him alone on a counter with the machine close by. 

One critic on Reddit wrote: “I saw that on her feed today and thought not only is it dangerous to have these oils blowing in her baby’s face but to have him on the counter as well? 

“I get she’s right there but babies sometime move so suddenly and then she’s filming him at the same time, it’s just a ticking time bomb.”

Another person on the platform scathed: “Nothing to see here… 

“Just a baby sitting dangerously on a counter (on the count of his parents are always distracted on their phones) playing with their favorite oil diffuser.”

“I’ve always thought it was weird when people put their kids on countertops… kind of a high fall for a kid. 

“Especially in this case where you have to stand back to get the picture. One lunge and he's on the floor, headfirst,” a third warned. 

This is not the first time that Audrey has been called out for some of their "questionable" parental decisions.

Last month, Audrey took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of her young son Bode, one, playing and smiling near the fireplace as she captioned it: "Good Mornin’."

However, people were not happy at all with this photo as they took to Reddit to bash the former reality star.

The original poster wrote: "Anyone else get nervous that they never have a fireplace screen on when they use their fireplace, especially with little ones?”

Fans agreed as one chimed in with: "This is crazy!!! Makes me so nervous.”

Another added, "Yes! So glad you pointed this out bc this has bothered me for a long time. 2 babies playing constantly around an open fire.

"A bad tumble – like from a toddler or a baby learning to walk, would end in disaster. It makes me so nervous.”

While some people also pointed out the axe resting near the fireplace as one person said: "Even just closing the doors would make it better. Yes, they’d get hot but burnt fingers are far better than a chargrilled baby.

"And for crying out loud, put the axe out of the kids reach. Oh, I don’t know, maybe put it out in the shed put back where, you know, you actually chop wood? This whole fireplace living room is a staged setting. None of it is for real life.”

Audrey and husband Jeremy Roloff – who tied the knot in 2014 – also share daughter Ember, three.

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