Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo slammed by 'disappointed' fans because the show left TLC network for Discovery Plus

FORMER fans of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo are slamming the reality star for leaving the TLC network.

Her series begins streaming today on Discovery Plus.

Theresa posted a snap with her daughter, Victoria, on Instagram captioned: "It’s here New Season of Long Island Medium available today on @discoveryplus #streamwhatyoulove #longislandmedium #friday #discoveryplus"

But fans replied: "Too bad not on TLC anymore. Guess I won't be watching."

Others commented: "Not buying discovery plus. Cable bill so expensive as it is."

A third follower shared: "Love you show… sad I don't have discovery plus…"

Other fans shared: "Disappointed I won't be able to see you now that it's on a streaming service."

Another wrote: "Ugh I guess I will be able to watch, I'm not paying extra to watch shows that were included for years in my $250 bill already, love your show but just not fair."

Other followers commented: "Already pay extra for my cable package that includes these channels, also in Canada where Discovey+ is not available, all these streaming services are getting crazy."

Another follower wrote: "A lot of shows are moving to Discovery Plus. Love you Therese but sorry, paying enough money as it is to add this. Enjoyed you while I did."

Yesterday, Theresa confirmed to Extra she is "exclusively" dating someone after her divorce.

The psychic split from her ex-husband Larry in 2018

She said on the show: “I’m dating, I’m dating. I am in an exclusive relationship. It’s very different from when I originally started dating, oh my God, over 30 years ago.

“It’s very different," Theresa admitted, explaining that these days, she lives "a very public life" as a result of her hit show.

"People don’t want to live a public life. They want their privacy and I have to respect that.

The former couple remained friends after their divorce and split after Larry claimed they were no longer spending time together.

Theresa told Us Weekly: “This is a grieving process, but things weren’t the same that they were 34 years ago. So, of course, I miss that aspect. But the way that things were at the end, no – I don’t miss that.”

Larry said: "We're having a difficult time. I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore."

They began dating when Theresa was just 18 years old and got married two years later.

They share children, Victoria and Larry Jr.

Theresa said of the new season "emotional" readings: "My favorite, especially of this season, was a family that all had COVID and only one didn’t make it… and they came through validating. Yeah, that one was tough.

“There was someone in the room that didn’t expect to get read and received some life-changing messages.”

Theresa's celebrity readings will also include Rosario Dawson, Carmen Electra, and Meghan Trainor.

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