Loose Women panellists address feud rumours: Youve got to have a mix of people

The Loose Women panellists again touched on rumours that there's feuding amongst during today's (August 22) show, when a Quickfire Questions game saw one viewer pose the question: "Who decides what days you do and what seat you sit at?"

Reports of feuding within the Loose Women camp have swirled for years and the women are often being asked to clear up allegations of in-fighting.

Nadia Sawalha, 57, answered the question by saying: "What people don't realise is that until we get in, there is no show. It's wild thoughts, it's our feelings. Guests obviously have to be booked ahead, but it's a real collaborative thing between producers and Loose Women."

And host Charlene White, 42, then added: "I know some people will write about it and go, 'oh they can't sit that person next to that person,' and it doesn't work in that way at all."

Nadia continued: "Well you've got to have a good mix of people, you can't just everyone that's all just lovely and lovely and lovely you've got to have a mix. Just think of it like All Bar One, lunchtime."

In 2020, Denise Welch unfollowed Coleen Nolan on Instagram further stoking rumours of infighting amongst the panellists. Coleen's manager Melanie Blake launched an attack on Nadia, 55, calling her "a total witch" in a scathing tweet.

And it prompted Coronation Street star Denise, 62, to weigh in on the drama by staking to Instagram and supporting Nadia by calling her "the loveliest friend".

Adding fuel to the fire, in January this year, rumours swirled that there was more drama behind the scenes of Loose Women with allegations that some panellists had refused to work with Coleen Nolan.

Following the rumours, Coleen, 56,revealed she would speak out about the matter "when she can" and the Loose Women star, backed by a number of her fellow cast mates, then denied the reports that a number of her co-stars had refused to work with her

At the time, Coleen told her Twitter followers she was "taking legal advise about the slurs" made about her.

Speaking exclusively to OK! in March this year, Loose Woman Charlene said: "When you’re on the outside looking in and you see all those stories – nonsense stories, as I now know – written about the ladies on the panel, you have an impression of what it’s going to be like. Then you walk into this amazing group of women and realise that everyone’s incredibly supportive."

She added: "If we spent our entire time b**ching and sniping at each other, or trying to have one over on each other, the show wouldn’t work."

Nadia told OK!: "People don’t realise the silent language that goes on between us. We’re lifting each other all the time, but you absolutely wouldn’t know it. That’s the skill of it. You have to care about people and want them to be their best."

And Katie Piper, 38, confirmed they're all genuine friends, as she said: "It’s really nice. We have a WhatsApp group and even when you’re not on the show, it’s going off. It’s a genuine camaraderie."


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