Love Island fans fume theyre watching The Gemma Show as ex joins the villa

Fans of Love Island have angrily taken to social media to complain about the amount of coverage contestant Gemma Owen is getting on the show, calling her "boring".

It comes after her ex-boyfriend Jacques O'Neill has been announced as the latest bombshell to enter the villa.

One Twitter user wrote: "Is it just me or are love island trying to make this whole season about gemma?? It might aswell be called the gemma show! Bet ratings will drop even more now."

A second typed: "Why is this the Gemma show (rolling eyes emoji) most boring person", while a third added: "Just f*cking rename the show to gemma island why the hell is her ex on the show i love drama but come ON."

A fourth also spoke about her ex joining the show, saying: "Loveisland defo should be renamed as the Gemma show, because dam, sis is really get all the air time and now her ex is coming to the villa what’s next?? Disclaimer:not coming for her coming for the producers."

A fifth pointed out a strange comparison: "Weirdest thing about the Gemma Owen show for me. Is the fact Luca is a clone of her Dad."

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Others were sceptical of the reason Gemma was getting so much airtime and suggested it could be down to her famous father, Michael Owen.

One wrote: "Gemma’s Dad definitely sponsored the show this year", while a second said: "How much do u reckon Michael Owen is paying the producers to make this the Gemma show?"

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