Love Island viewers brand dirty dancing challenge the ‘absolute worst’

Love Island viewers were left cringing over the dance challenge in the villa tonight.

The islanders were tasked with raising each other pulses in a bid to win, but as they put their best moves forward it was too much for those at home to watch.

Every year ITV2 bosses ask the islanders to get dressed up in their sexiest outfits and dirty dance for each other – with all rules out of the window.

There was finger licking, neck nuzzling, tongue twisting and bum grinding that set viewers racing for the sick bucket.

"The cringiest task of the whole series please stop putting us through this every year," complained one.

"This is always the absolute WORST," wrote another.

"This is as awkward as someone talking through sex," offered a third.

For some it was too much: "Oi nah this is practically softcore porn I feel for the mandem watching with ya rents."

"I’m so embarrassed for these babies," added another.

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