Love Island viewers want answers after spotting odd scene of Sherif on his phone

Love Island 2019 cast members have to provide their own entertainment in-between dates and challenges while inside the villa.

They do, however, have a phone each with access to a camera, as well as an in-villa messaging service.

Past contestants have used it to speak in a group chat while they also message other islanders separately.

The phones are also used by the show to give information, such as dumpings, bombshells, challenges and dates, to those in the villa.

But viewers were left baffled this week, after seeing Sherif use his phone.

While it wasn’t shown what he was doing on the device, it was more his method of using the phone that got viewers talking.

In one particular moment, Sherif was chilling in bed while holding his phone, staring at the screen – perhaps looking back on the pictures from the evening.

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But fans believed the behaviour was way too “casual” to be him messaging or looking at photos, with his fellow islanders in the room with him meaning he would not need to message anyone.

While the islanders do not have access to the internet, fans began to question what exactly he might have been up to on his phone.

Taking to Twitter , one fan asked: “What is Sherif doing on his phone #loveisland?”

Another said: “What is Sherif looking at on his phone?”

A third commented: “I’ve seen Sherif casually sitting on his phone (as if he’s looking at social media/ playing a game etc) twice now. Can someone please explain, I thought all you could do on those is take selfies and get texts!”

Others were more amused by Sherif sat around on his phone, suggesting it should be made into a meme because of how relatable it was.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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