Love Island villa invaded by hungry goats who smashed walls and ate plants after rampaging down from the mountains – The Sun

HORDES of hungry goats have attacked the Love Island villa, destroying walls and eating plants.

The horned beasts launched their invasion from their base in the mountains of Majorca, causing the show's security team to leap into action.

Luckily, the likes of Tommy Fury and Anton Danyluk were not called upon to battle the 14 hairy monsters themselves.

Instead, Love Island's location manager assembled a team to protect the villa and its extensive barricades.

They explained: "There were about 14 goats that came from the mountains. They ate some of the plants and they broke some of the walls."

Luckily, the problem was dealt with before the braying horde reached the kitchen, where large supplies of snacks are stored.

Fruit, crisps, cereal, toast and Curtis Pritchard's omelettes could all have lured the goats to the villa.

Footage of the invasion will air on Love Island: Aftersun, which returns to ITV2 tonight after the main show at 10pm.

Ironically, Anton and Belle Hassan encountered a goat when they went on a date, being called upon to milk the docile animal.

However, the creatures that invaded the villa are thought to be a far tougher species.

Majorcan mountain goats are reddish-brown, with the males sporting a beard and large spiralled rear-facing horns – so they are not to be messed with.

They can occasionally be aggressive towards humans, with at least one reported fatality resulting from an attack by a mountain goat.

The animals were brought to the area by the Phoenicians in 2000 BC, primarily as a source of food.

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