Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended on Twitter (for Real This Time) Over Anti-Vaccine Tweets

This time it was really, truly, on purpose

Third time’s the charm for Twitter and fringe right wing congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, after Greene received a 12-hour suspension on the platform that was actually, for real, on purpose and not a weird accident.

Greene was suspended over two recent tweets that contained falsehoods about COVID-19; specifically she claimed that the disease is not dangerous to people under age 65 who aren’t overweight in order to argue against mandatory vaccination.

While it is true that the majority of COVID deaths in the US have been elderly people, nearly 150,000 of the more than 600,000 American deaths by the disease are people younger than 65. And Just over 1/3 of people hospitalized for COVID were younger than 65. And the new rise in cases fueled by the delta variant is predominantly among people younger than 50, while cases have dropped significantly among people older than 65.

“We took enforcement action on the account @mtgreenee for violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically the Covid-19 misleading information policy,” Twitter said on Monday. Greene could be permanently suspended if she continues to spread misinformation.

Greene’s account was previously suspended in March and again in April “in error,” Twitter said. The company blamed its algorithm for the suspensions and said they weren’t the result of human actions. Greene’s account was however legitimately suspended in January after she spread lies about the 2020 election results.

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