Married at First Sight – Fans in SHOCK as Morag and Bob spark romance rumours at boozy garden party as they snuggle up

MAFS UK star Bob Voysey has denied claims he and Morag are dating after the pair posed for cosy Instagram snaps.

In a picture posted on the social media site, Morag and Bob smiled as they sat with co-stars Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling.

But Bob took to Instagram Stories to deny the romance saying he and Morag were "just good friends".

Morag was paired up with Luke while on the show while Bob was married to Megan.

It comes as Morag accused her ex-husband Luke Dawson of "lying through his teeth" during the recent reunion episode.

"I was so shocked by the man that was at the reunion, I didn't know who that person was," she said.

"He switched and he even said he lied about saying he loved me, and nobody picked up on that."

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    How to apply to be on Married at First Sight

    Singles looking for love can apply to appear onMarried at First Sight by simply emailing your name, age and contact number to [email protected]

    Applicants must be over 18 years old.

    Each series, a handful of people are picked to meet their perfect match… on the day they get married.

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    ‘Franky’s not a bad person’

    Since Marilyse and Franky split up the pair have continued to send voice notes to one another and one day she hopes to visit him in Dubai.

    She told The Sun their decision to end the relationship was “mutual” and that she learned a lot from her time on the show.

    Marilyse said: “I realised I’ve got a lot of patience to have even done it all and really value the friends I made on the show.

    “I appreciate the experiences and wouldn’t change a thing, I have no regrets.”

    She claims Frank was “a bit upset” about how he was portrayed and insisted he is “not a bad person”.

    Marilyse added: “All it takes is someone to spend an hour or half an hour with him to see he’s a really nice guy and has a heart of gold.”

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    Big makeover

    Married At First Sight UK’s Tayah has given Adam’s flat a makeover after slamming his pool table and coffee table on the show.

    The 25-year-old now lives in Doncaster with her new husband, 26, after they were matched on the E4 series.

    And she’s wasted no time in making a few changes after being very vocal about what she didn’t like – in particular the blue LED light up coffee table.

    Now the couple have a simple glass table featuring their wedding picture and a fashion book.

    They also have a new grey sofa, scattered with cushions – perfect for relaxing and watching TV.

    Read the article in full here.

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    ‘I didn’t know who that person was’

    MARRIED At First Sight’s Morag has blasted her ex-husband Luke after he accused her of “faking” their final vows.

    The 31-year-old attempted to defend herself after their heated row on the Reunion show.

    After dumping him on the phone once filming had ended, Morag was surprised when Luke confronted her in front of the experts.

    She’s hit out in a scathing interview with MailOnline, saying: “My vows were real. He was referring to a telephone conversation that happened when I was ending the relationship.

    “He said that apparently I said ‘it was only a TV show’, which was utter lies. He sat there and lied through his teeth on that sofa, which is why I was shocked and I couldn’t get my words out. I was flabbergasted and I didn’t know who that person was.

     “I was so shocked by the man that was at the reunion, I didn’t know who that person was.

    “Everyone still thought he was this nice guy, and I was like he must be joking? I was shocked.”

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    ‘I’d date Bob if I was younger’

    With Marilyse and Luke both newly single, love could be on the cards for them – unless someone else steals her heart first.

    The mum-of-two admitted: “If I was younger, I would have loved to have been paired with Bob because I think he is so funny and would make me laugh.

    “I think he’s good looking and I love his personality, he’s so cuddly, lovely and someone who’s very protective as well.”

    Bob, and his wife Megan Wolfe, both 26, struggled to make their romance work on the show – not helped by Megan snogging fellow contestant Jordan Mundell.

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    Future’s bright for Amy (continued)

    The expert said: “Although she’s had her fair share of drama, she hasn’t shied away from showing her vulnerable side, which has made her relatable to viewers.

    “She was already well known from her glamour modelling career before going into sports journalism. But since breaking into reality TV it’s massively increased her exposure.

    “She’s being bombarded by sports brands who thinks she’s the perfect role model showing you can have beauty and brains and still be sporty.

    “It means Amy is now on track to make a fortune in brand deals and Instagram sponsorships that will set her up to be a millionaire by next year.”

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    MAFS’ Amy ‘to be a millionaire by next year’

    MARRIED at First Sight’s Amy Christophers is on track to become a millionaire by next year – after being bombarded with TV deals and fashion signings.

    The former glamour model, 34, has been at the centre of the most dramatic episodes this series after marrying Joshua Christie, 26, moments after meeting him.

    Despite their rollercoaster relationship and “““Amy’s fiery exchanges with co-stars over the dinner table, her honest battle to be lucky in love has made her a favourite with viewers.

    “Amy has been one of the biggest stars to come out of Married at First Sight this year,” a source told The Sun.

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    New couple alert?

    MARRIED at First Sight’s Morgan Crichton and Bob Voysey have set tongues wagging after cuddling up to each other at a boozy garden party.

    The pair have sparked rumours that they’re together after hanging out with co-stars Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling over the weekend.

    Morag, 31, tied the knot with Luke Dawson, 36, but was GHOSTED by the care home manager after the E4 show ended.

    Meanwhile Bob’s marriage didn’t last long with Megan Wolfe, 26, after she kissed co-star Jordon Mundell behind his back.

    In a recent Instagram snap, Morag can be seen cuddling up next to Bob in a pic with Tayah and Adam.

    She captioned the post: “Weekends with these 💕.”

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    New MAFS couple ‘getting cosy’

    MARRIED At First Sight stars Alexis Economou and Ben Jardine were seen getting cosy in London.

    The former reality stars got flirty as the danced and cuddled in the street after an early Halloween event.

    At one point Ben had his arm around a smiling Alexis’ shoulder.

    The model wore a black crop top paired with high waisted black jeans and Ben wore a similar get up.

    The pair laughed and looked very happy after attending the Dungeon’s exclusive Halloween preview event as they got in the mood for the spooky season

    Ben – who starred on series three of Mafs – twirled Alexis around and showed off some impressive dance moves.

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    Future boyfriend

    Marilyse insisted she “wouldn’t change a thing” about her time on MAFS and believes it’s helped her to realise what type of person she should be with in the future.

    It comes amid swirling speculation about a potential relationship between her and fellow contestant Luke Dawson, who was famously snubbed by Morag Crichton.

    Personal trainer Marilyse said: “I need to find someone with similar interests to me, like working out, definitely.

    “Every guy I went out with before Franky wasn’t into it and it was boring. 

    “I also need someone fun and spontaneous. I think the show made me realise I need someone who is just open, honest and similar to me.”

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    Amy’s secret heartbreak as she admits ‘pressure’ to make marriage work

    AMY Christophers has told of her secret heartbreak after she finished filming Married at First Sight.

    The former glamour model’s marriage to ex Joshua Christie lasted just 25 days after the cameras switched off – despite choosing to renew their vows.

    Amy, 35, broke down in tears at the Reunion show on Monday as she explained Josh’s “lack of effort” was the cause of their break up.

    Today she admitted letting her emotions getting the better of her amid “pressure” to make her marriage work.

    She told The Sun: “I feel overwhelmingly sad now the experiment is over – it’s been my whole year.

    “As soon as I pressed send on that application I was committed to this. After all the s*** I had been through I wanted my happily ever after.”

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