Meghan Markle called over the top and phony by royal expert in GMB rant

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard were stunned as royal commentator Andrea Levin didn't hold back on Meghan Markle's new interview.

Andrea didn't think too highly of the Duchess of Sussex's new chat with Ellen DeGeneres and slammed her for being "over the top" and "phoney" on Thursday's programme.

Talking about her latest interview, Andrew told the GMB hosts: "She has a whole list of cameos in her head about how she can be, you have to read very carefully because it's like walking on eggshells.

"One minute she trying to be a politician, the next she's an author, the next she is suicidal and she's unhappy and she's been badly treated.

"A lot of what she's said in the Oprah Winfrey interview has been proven to be untrue…"

She continued: "What is interesting is, she has a fantastic memory to go into great detail can remember what happened maybe 18 years ago but couldn't remember talking to a senior member at Buckingham palace about helping with Finding Freedom.

"She's very selective and to me, I'm not taking to it at all. It just looks over the top and phoney."

This comes after the GMB panel chatted about Meghan Markle earlier in the programme, with guest journalist Quentin Letts hitting out at her for being "a jobbing actress" still.

Quentin said: "As far as I'm concerned this is a TV interview where she is describing her days as a jobbing actress, she still is, let's not delude ourselves.

"This is the Meghan show, and any vestige of royal restraint seems to have gone. There is a law to diminishing returns, every time you do them you will find it harder to get as much attention."

Ben then raised the point that it is going to be the first Christmas the Queen is going to spend without Prince Philip, and how Harry and Meghan won't be turning to the UK to spend it with their family.

Quentin added: "I just feel sorry for the Queen in all this. When you see Meghan now, I find it hard, you get a lot of lectures from her about climate change.

"I just think about that private jet that she keeps on using. I would be more interested in hearing her quizzed about that rather than her car from 20 years ago.

"She sets herself as quite a political figure, and now she's trying to have it both ways joshing about the old days. it doesn't quite work."

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