Meghan Markle’s Suits pal warns Royal Family she is ‘wrong woman to mess with’

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Meghan Markle’s former Suits co-star DB Woodside, who also stars in hit Netflix show Lucifer, has spoken out in support of her after the controversy following her bare-all interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this month.

Declaring she’s the "wrong woman to mess with", the actor insisted the Duchess of Sussex is also "strong and resilient".

The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star was confident that despite receiving huge criticism over her comments about the royal family, she will "bounce back".

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in America, DB warned: "If they think that this kind of stuff is going to knock her off her game for very long, they picked the wrong woman to mess with.

"She is the wrong woman to mess with.

"They need to back up, back off, apologise because she’s not the one," he said bluntly, before later adding that he thought the bullying claims against her are "bulls**t".

DB and Meghan worked together on Canada’s popular legal drama back in 2018 when he entered the show as lawyer Jeff Malone.

"All I have to say is that she’s one of the most incredible human beings that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with… I wish her nothing but the best," the actor added about his former colleague.

It comes as Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview has received a fresh wave of Ofcom complaints.

It was confirmed that another 207 viewers have contacted the broadcasting watchdog to rant about the two-hour programme, which aired March 8 at 9pm on ITV.

Last week, it was revealed that the number of recorded complaints had already hit the thousands.

5,178 viewers have now contacted Ofcom to give their opinions on what they deem wrong with the one-off show.

Chat show extraordinaire Oprah tackled a number of topics with pregnant mum-of-one Meghan in her stunning back garden, such as her mental health struggles during her time as a senior royal.

Prince Harry then joined the duo and he painfully admitted to being "hurt" by his dad the Prince of Wales, Charles after he was cut off from finances last year and said he was surprised given his own struggles as a Royal.

The pair also shared lots of positivity with watchers as they revealed their new baby is a girl, and welcomed Oprah into their glorious home chicken pen.

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