Mindy Kaling Hilariously Called Stephen Colbert Out On 'The Late Show'

Mindy Kaling has been making the late night circuit promoting her latest film, which is actually titled Late Night. Kaling is always a great performer to watch, but she was given some exceptionally good material on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the other night. Check out the funny incident and get another look at the upcoming film.

A new clip from Late Night

Kaling’s new film, Late Night, is the first she’s ever written. She also stars in it as Molly Patel, a new writer on Tonight With Katherine Newbury, the first late-night talk show with a woman as the host. The story follows Molly and Katherine’s working relationship and how to navigate this strange world.

When announcing Kaling’s arrival, Colbert previewed a clip from Late Night. In it, Molly is seen being interviewed for the job, which she is not qualified for in the slightest (she currently works at a chemical plant). But her passion for the field shows through.

Here’s what happened

While telling what she deemed “touching story,” Colbert’s Apple Watch went off. Kaling couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rag on him about it. “You’re rich! Why do you need a rewards program,” said Kaling, because the call was from the Marriott Hotel Rewards Program. “This is how you get rich, you go for the rewards,” joked Colbert.

“I have so many more questions about your financial situation,” Kaling continued. “Here’s the thing: He has the No. 1 show on TV, and he’s like, ‘Got to make sure if I travel that me and my wife and my three children are being hosted in an economical way.’ You get put up everywhere!” Colbert joked back, “Sure, but we can upgrade.”

Are Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert friends?

Kaling and Colbert clearly have a great report. They’ve worked together before: Kaling had Colbert on The Mindy Project to play a Catholic priest who she tries to win over. Though there isn’t a lot of overlap in their careers, they seem to be very close.

Colbert even interviewed Kaling at the Montclair Film Festival in May 2019, where they talked about Late Night. And when she was doing research for the script, Kaling went behind-the-scenes and talked with many of Colbert’s writers. “It made me have a new-found respect for you,” said Kaling.

Kaling drew from some of her own experience

Kaling’s first-ever job in Hollywood was as a writer and cast member on The Office. Though she says that the staff for that show was “very welcoming,” she did have something in common with her character, Molly.

“I was the only woman and I was the only minority on the staff when I started there. And it was terrifying,” she said. Of course, now things are different — Kaling has not one, but two shows in the works: Mini-series adaptation Four Weddings and a Funeral coming to Hulu in July 2019, and an untitled Netflix coming-of-age series. So get ready for a lot more of her comedy in the future.

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