Molly-Mae Hague shares unseen childhood photos of large 'strawberry birthmark' she got removed due to bullying fears

MOLLY-MAE Hague has shared unseen childhood photos of a large "strawberry birthmark" on her forehead that she got removed due to bullying fears.

The 21-year-old star opened up about living with the mark in her latest YouTube video, admitting that the photos are "quite shocking".

The influencer spoke to her followers while applying her make-up in the vlog, with a series of pictures of herself as a little girl flashing up on the screen.

The first snap showed Molly cuddling up to her famous soft toy Elly Belly when she was just a toddler, with the same elephant joining her in the Love Island villa when she competed in 2019.

In the middle of Molly's forehead is a large red lump, with several other images showing off the birthmark following.

The blonde beauty told fans: "I was born with a very, very large strawberry birthmark."

Holding up her beauty blender to her forehead, Molly continued: "Essentially, it looked like this.

"It was bright red, it was super large, it stuck out of my head quite far. It's quite shocking, I didn't realise."

Speaking about her decision to get it removed as a teen, Molly added: "At around 12 or 13 I got it removed, before I started secondary school – my parents, they didn't know if I'd be bullied for it but luckily I never was.

"I just wasn't confident about it, as I got older the colour kind of faded."

She went on to tell fans that their own birthmarks are "cool", sharing: "Own them, rock them. The only reason I got mine removed was because it was in such a prominent area, right on my head."

The medical term for strawberry birthmarks is haemangioma, which happens when a collection of blood vessels form a lump under the skin.

The marks are more common in baby girls, and premature babies – as well as twins, triplets, or other multiple births.

Haemangioma does not tend to cause any medical issues and usually disappear on their own once the child is around between five and seven.

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