Nicole Kidman Says It’s a ‘Little Embarrassing’ That Keith Urban Called Her a ‘Maniac in Bed’

Nicole Kidman got quite the compliment from her husband Keith Urban in his track “Gemini.”

The song, which comes from Urban’s most recent album Graffiti U, is, according to the country star himself, all about his wife. In it, he even drops a mention about what Kidman, 52, is apparently like in bed!

“She’s a maniac in the bed, but a brainiac in the head,” Urban, 51, sings of his famous wife of 13 years in the 4-minute long track. Kidman recently joked she wasn’t exactly thrilled about her sex life becoming front and center in her husband’s music.

“I don’t sensor his art, but it is a little embarrassing,” Kidman told the Kyle and Jackie O show. “It’s better than saying ‘God, I’m so bored. Make an effort, Nicole!'”

But when asked about another revealing line from the track, “she’s waking to make love in the middle of the night,” Kidman wasn’t ready to give details on the truth about that one.

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“No, what?! You’re making that up, Kyle. Shut up. I’m not answering that, that’s outrageous,” she told co-host Kyle Sandilands.

“Gemini,” which was released as part of Urban’s 2018 album Graffiti U, was written without Kidman’s consent or approval, despite the provocative lyrics about their sex life.

“No, that’s why I got so intimate, I’m sure,” Urban told Entertainment Tonight last year of Kidman not being involved in the song. “I was missing her, maybe.”

Added the country star, “When I create, rarely do I have a set idea. ‘Gemini’ started with the four of us in that room — Ian Kirkpatrick, Justin Tanit and Julia Michaels and myself. Ian had a cool groove going and I started playing guitar and melody starts coming. Justin and Julia are asking me about Nic, ‘Tell us about Nic.’ And I said, ‘Well, she’s a Gemini,’ and they’re like, ‘Ooh.’ And Julia starts singing, ‘Baby, she’s both,’ and the song just started to take off from there.”

Regarding how he thought his wife would feel about their sex life being involved in the song, he told the outlet, “I think she liked it. I hope so. Yeah, it’s a good dance song.”

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The Graffiti U album also featured the song “Female,” inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and an empowerment tune to the women in Urban’s life, namely Kidman and their daughters, Sunday Rose, 11, and Faith Margaret, 8.

“As a husband and a father of two young girls, it affects me in a lot of ways,” Urban told Billboard in 2017. “And as a son — my mother is alive. It just speaks to all of the females in my life, particularly. For a guy who grew up with no sisters in a house of boys, it’s incredible how now I’m surrounded by girls. But not only in my house; I employ a huge amount of women in my team. The song just hit me for so many reasons.”

Kidman provided background vocals for the song, which was the best-selling country song the week of its debut.

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