Queen of the South season 5: Why did Boaz kill King George?

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Queen of the South returned last month for its fifth and final season where anything could happen given that the USA Network was coming to an end. This means some of the show’s biggest characters were at risk of being killed off and sadly, it was King George’s (played by Ryan O’Nan) time to go. So what was the reason behind him being murdered by Boaz

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Queen of the South.

Why did Boaz kill King George? 

King George hadn’t always been the most likeable member of Teresa Mendoza’s (Alice Braga) team.

Not only was he egotistical and sexist, but he was also very self-centred and didn’t really care for anyone.

This was until he began working under the Mendoza Cartel and gained a newfound respect for Teresa.

When he killed Tic Toc (Moses J. Moseley) in season four, King George felt a huge amount of guilt and headed off to Belize to clear his head.

This showed just how much he had changed from the drug dealer fans first met in series two.

So when he decided to make a comeback and rejoin Teresa, fans were excited.

Unfortunately, many would have preferred if he had stayed away as it would have meant King George not being killed off.

Boaz Jiminez (Joseph Thomas Campos) had been a liability from the very beginning, having shot his own brother in a limo when he felt he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved.

Teresa wasn’t sure if she could trust him either so sent King George to keep an eye on him.

In season five, episode six, Plato o Plomo, Boaz tells George he doesn’t blame Teresa for not entirely trusting him.

To try and prove his loyalty, Boaz asks if he would accompany him back to Miami to see how the operation is going.

While there, Boaz says the Haitians who were selling the product were cutting it with Fentanyl.

He then confronts the crew in front of George after finding a container of Fentanyl in the crew leaders’ belongings.

The man denies turning against Teresa but Boaz kills him anyway.

George later called Teresa to tell her he believed that Boaz was actually loyal.

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Later at Boaz’s estate, George goes into the locked room and finds a stash of drugs and Fentanyl.

Boaz had set up the Haitians in order to make George think he wasn’t turning against Teresa.

Instead, it seems like Boaz is cutting the product himself and ripping off the queenpin.

Sadly, the violent dealer found George in the locked room so to stop him from talking, Boaz shot him in the head, killing George instantly.

Taking to Twitter, fans were devastated at the sudden death of King George.

One viewer tweeted: “R.I.P. King George. You were #QueenOfTheSouth’s most fun character from the moment you were memorably introduced & I’m gonna miss your classic nicknames. May you join Bilal…wherever it is smugglers go when they die!”

A second commented: “King George…. NOOOOOO!!! My favorite character has been smoked”.

While a third simply said: “Damn not my boy George”.

Queen of the South season 5 is available to watch on USA Network.

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