‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Teaser Trailer Brings Back Sylvester Stallone for Final Mission


“The time has come to face my past,” Sylvester Stallone rasps in the first teaser trailer for “Rambo: Last Blood.”
The fifth installment in the “Rambo” franchise brings everything full circle from the very first movie, 1982’s “First Blood.”
Stallone reprises his role as the former Army Special Forces soldier, a one-man army who has battled enemies from a small town in the Pacific Northwest to Vietnam to Afghanistan.
Now, he travels to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter who has been kidnapped by the Mexican cartel. His enemies are coming — and he’s ready for them.

The trailer, set to a version of the hit song “Old Town Road” (because of course it is) shows Rambo sharpening knives, shooting machine guns, aiming with his bow and arrow, and laying deadly traps for his adversaries. He may be older, but Rambo is just as badass as he was nearly four decades ago.
“Rambo: Last Blood” opens in theaters September 20.

Rambo: Last Blood

Vietnam War veteran John Rambo teams up with a reporter to save a kidnapped girl from a vicious drug cartel in Mexico. Read More

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