Revealed: Did Prince Charles Date Sarah Ferguson Before He Met Princess Diana?

Five years after Prince Charles married Princess Diana, his younger brother, Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson tied the knot. After their royal weddings, both fairy tales ended when the couples separated in 1992. Their divorces were finalized four years later.

What Fergie and Andrew’s relationship is like today has been well-documented, but many have questions about if she still gets along with her former brother-in-law. Here’s more on that plus the real story behind the claims that Ferguson and Charles used to date before he and Diana got together.

Charles dated Diana’s sister, Sarah, first

You may have seen the internet rumors claiming that Charles and Sarah Ferguson had a fling before he married Diana. Well, the truth is Charles did date a woman named Sarah before Diana but it wasn’t his brother’s future wife, it was his future’s wife’s sister.

Before he met Diana Spencer, the prince dated her older sister, Sarah Spencer. Charles and Diana’s sibling began their courtship in 1977. When the press learned that Sarah and the heir to the throne were dating they wanted to know as much as possible about their relationship. Sarah then agreed to sit down with The Mirror reporter James Whittaker.

The journalist remembered how candid she was during their interview about her high-profile beau telling the publication, “Sarah was disarmingly frank about her boyfriend and declared she would not marry Charles ‘If he were the dustman or the king of England.’”

Of course this angered the royal not only because of what she said but because she even chose to speak to the press about their relationship in the first place. The two split up and soon after that Charles began dating Diana.

While it may sound strange that her own sister started seeing the prince after they broke up, Sarah actually set the two of them up. “I introduced them,” she once said. “I’m Cupid.”

Why Fergie and Charles don’t get along today

As for Fergie and Charles, they became friends after Ferguson joined the royal family as the Duchess of York was very tight with Princess Diana.

In the years since Ferguson and Andrew split the former couple have remained close but Charles’ relationship with her definitely changed. Some recent reports have claimed that the two don’t get along at all today.

In fact, it’s been said that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, Fergie, who was invited to the church ceremony, was not invited to the evening reception Prince Charles hosted and that was reportedly at the future king’s request.

An insider commented on Ferguson being snubbed from the evening party saying, “She is not a member of the royal family anymore and Prince Charles simply doesn’t have time for her. He just can’t see why she is still such a big part of his brother’s life.”

Another source told The Sun that Charles’ reasoning for not wanting to associate with Fergie has to do with her taking Princess Diana’s side years ago.

“Charles is not OK with Fergie. He can’t stand her in reality,” the source said. “They don’t get on personally. There’s so much baggage because he feels she sided with Diana over Camilla.”

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