RHONJ's Margaret Josephs says Housewives drink so much because they 'don't like to eat on camera'

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs has admitted that Bravo stars drink so much because they "don't like to each on camera."

The reality star claimed that a drink looks "more sophisticated" but that she would rather be cautious because alcohol was "very frightening" to her as a child.

Margaret said: "I think it’s easier to have a drink on camera then constantly have food in your mouth.

"If you have a drink in your hand, it looks more sophisticated. People don’t like to eat on camera, and if you’re drinking and not eating, obviously it’s much easier to get drunk."

But speaing to Page Six she added: "You really go either way, but it was very frightening to me so I did vow as I grew up I’m never going to drink in front of my children,"

"It’s not like I’ve never had a drink, but I don’t like to feel out of control and you can still be the life of the party and not drink."

Some of the most memorable moments from the show franchise have come when the housewives have been drinking, including Terwsa Giudice's table flip in 2016 and her decision to throw a drink at cameras in February 2020.

Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney has also found fame for her behavior while drinking; she came under fire from Ramona Singer whens he trashed her summer house.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke, 42, recently revealed on the new season of the show that she's an alcoholic and attends AA meetings regularly.

"I was scared I wouldn't be fun anymore, that my life was going to be boring. I really thought alcohol made life enjoyable, and that's sad," she later told Glamour.

Real Housewives of New York star Leah McSweeney also recently confirmed she had begun drinking during filming of her first season on the show, after nine years of sobriety.

She said during an episode: "Me and alcohol have a very weird relationship. 

"I am someone who actually enjoys like, completely like, going crazy.”

Leah said earlier this year that her mother had stopped talking to her when she first started consuming alcohol again. 

The fashion designer’s cast mates have also been critical of her drinking – with Ramona Singer, 63, in particular reprimanding her for acting “out of control” at times. 

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