RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks can’t wait to see ‘lying’ co-stars as she talks reunion

The Real Housewives has a new home, with Salt Lake City being the next US city to get the reality treatment after Potomac and Dallas in 2016.

The brand new show follows the lives of six wealthy women in Salt Lake City, Utah – Lisa Barlow, Mary Cosby, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose and Jen Shah.

And jewellery designer Meredith is just as excited as fans to watch the show unfold, so she can get to the bottom of the "lies" her co-stars were telling.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the reality star said: "I'm actually very excited for the Reunion because I have many, many, many unanswered questions, so I will be watching along with everybody else.

"There was definitely a lot of lying that went on with some of the women that I'm trying to figure out – who did what, who said what – so I'm going to watch and see along with the rest of the world and will have to address the issues that are important at the reunion.

"I'm looking forward to it very much."

Unlike the other Real Housewives shows, such as New York City, Beverly Hills or Dallas, Salt Lake City may have an air of mystery surrounding it, especially for UK viewers.

Meredith told us: "Salt Lake City is unique, it is a very different place than any other city in the United States or for that matter really anywhere.

"We have these elements of religion because of the Mormon church being there and people have all of these pre-conceived notions about that are just not true.

"It's not just all Mormons who are polygamists who don't drink. That's just not the case at all. But that's an overriding misconception.

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"You see all these elements of religion play out. We are the most religiously diverse cast they have ever had on Housewives, so it's interesting to see the dynamic between each of us. For the most part we're pretty respectful of one another's views in that way at least, not in other ways, but religiously.

"Then you have Salt Lake is a smaller city. I live in Park City which is a ski resort, so you've got all these different elements going on.

"You've got the culture of Salt Lake, the religious culture and then you have a really international resort which is a huge presence in Utah as well. It's really interesting, it's a very unusual place."

Meredith explained that while the ladies tend to respect each other's religions, that doesn't mean there won't be fireworks.

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She teased: "I am one who does not fly off the handle, I tend to take my time to think, analyse, try to understand exactly what's going on before I fly off the handle, so I'm not gonna be the one who is just breaking down, melting down over nothing.

"I've I'm melting down or bringing drama it's a real issue, it's not just for fun."

And Meredith promised plenty of family drama, saying: "My husband and I have been separated on and off for many years, but I have been a very, very private person for a large variety of reasons.

"Most people, specifically my friends in Utah really don't know all that much about what has gone on in my personal life.

"I think when people just don't know, lesson learned, they start to make up their own stories."

She added: "Having confrontations with your family on camera is a hard thing to do because it feels personal, it feels very private and it's not any more, you're putting it all out there, so that was probably the most difficult part."

The brand new season The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is available to stream and download on hayu from November 12

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