Robbed! Dan Walker devastated as co-host storms off BBC set after Bianca Walkden loss

Dan Walker lays out 'manic monday' for Team GB

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Team GB’s Bianca Walkden was left heartbroken on Tuesday morning after a nail-biting face-off with Lee Da-bin ended in defeat after a last second move from the South Korean. Fronting the BBC’s coverage of the event was Dan Walker and Sam Quek who were joined by Taekwondo star Lutalo Muhammad in the studio to analyse the bout. However, after seeing Bianca lose right in the final moments, it’s fair to say Dan, Lutalo and Sam were all devastated. 

“Oh, dear me,” Dan said as the camera’s returned to the studio after Bianca’s loss. “That is so harsh, isn’t it?”

“Speechless,” Lutalo replied. “It’s the harsh reality of the sport we’re in. 

“It’s not over until it’s over. For Bianca to lose that in the last second – well, the Korean won it, but… Dan, I’m literally lost for words.”

Trying to keep a conversation going, the BBC Breakfast star added: “The thing is right, I know people get into Taekwando every Olympic cycle,

“But many people remember five years ago and what she went through then and she’s had this five-year build-up to try and get it right,

“And then to be one second away from being in that final later today, we say robbed but it was a brilliant move by the South Korean.”

Lutalo agreed: “It was – she did exactly the one thing she could’ve done to win and she executed perfectly. 

“It’s heartbreaking for Bianca, you know, you mentioned those five years, I’ve been in the gym with her, she’s put everything into this. 

“Her whole life has been driven to being Olympic champion,” the Taekwondo star continued.

“She’s won everything there is to win in the sport except Olympic gold medal. 

“It is a little bit heartbreaking to think she has to wait a little bit longer.”

However, Bianca still has a chance at a medal as Lutalo pointed out: ”She has a chance for the bronze medal and she has to treat this bronze medal match as if it was the final, we wanna see her come home with a medal.”

As the disappointment was evident in the studio, Dan tried to lighten the mood by telling Lutalo the cameras were rolling to see his live reaction to Bianca’s loss.

“I don’t know how you deal with the tension about being in that situation,” Dan began. 

“But I do know how you deal with the tension of watching it with us because we had a camera on you – have a look at this.”

“Oh, my goodness,” Lutalo replied as a clip of him in the studio played.

An animated Lutalo could be seen feeling every strike from Bianca’s bout.

But when she lost in the final moments, Lutalo upped sticks and stormed out of the BBC studio.

He soon returned to analyse the match with Dan and Sam but it was clear just how heartbroken he was for his Team GB teammate.

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