Robert to destroy Victoria's rapist Lee ahead of Emmerdale exit

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) has vowed to make Lee, the man who raped Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins), suffer in Emmerdale as fans fear that the character could take drastic action ahead of his upcoming exit from the show later in the year.

After the police took no action on her case due to insufficient evidence, pregnant Victoria decided that she just wanted to move on but Robert is unwilling to just let Lee get away with it. Tonight, he attempted to get a confession out of him but Lee clammed up when he tried to delve into his love life.

Robert eventually snapped and revealed that he is Victoria’s brother but unsurprisingly, Lee denied that he raped her and Robert and his husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) came away no further forward.

As Aaron told Robert that they needed to be cleverer than that, Robert’s determination to bring down remained in place and he left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he intends to destroy Lee’s life.

Vowing to make him suffer, Robert’s first move is to plaster posters across the cars of the showroom where Lee works, branding him a rapist. But this backfires spectacularly when the police turn up and question Victoria over it.

As Victoria falls out with Robert over what he has done and warns him to back off, will he take heed of her words? Or will he continue to seek revenge against the man who brutally attacked his sister?

It was recently reported that Ryan will depart his role as Robert later this year, leading to wide speculation that the culmination of Victoria’s story could be tied into his final storyline.

We know what Robert can be capable of – so could he be set to take terrible action in order to avenge Victoria? And will it spell the end of the line for him?

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