Scarlett Moffatt shows off 'temporary teeth' as she prepares for veneers after being 'mistaken for Madonna'

SCARLETT Moffatt showed off her "temporary teeth" as she prepares for veneers after being "mistaken for Madonna".

The ex Gogglebox star, 30, unveiled the new set of gnashers on Friday as she waits for a permanent set of veneers.

However, Scarlett said she was glad to have the new set because people were "starting to mistake her for Madonna".

Speaking on her Instagram Story, the reality star said: "So I've just woken up. I've had some denistry done today.

"My mouth is still very numb. But I've got temporary tops on now. These are my fake ones, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have new veneers which I am very excited about.

"My old ones that I had in London started moving and I had a gap – people started to mistake me for Madonna.

"There's only one Madonna, so I'll stick to being Scarlett Moffatt."

The star also revealed she visited Queensway Dental in Newcastle for the procedure.

Scarlett had a less professional job done this week – when she asked her boyfriend Scott Dobinson to hack out her hair extensions.

The Gogglebox star confessed that she's been wearing the same extensions since last October while hairdressers up and down the country remain closed due to lockdown.

The star joked she looked like cereal box mascot Professor Weeto after her boyfriend went to work with the scissors.

Taking to social media, Scarlett told her followers: "Jo who does my lovely hair extensions has sent me a video on how to remove them because I did get them in for my birthday in last year.

"They are in good condition but I need to take them out and prep them for the next time I can see Jo in real life."

The ex Gogglebox star joked: "So guess who's gonna take them out for us!?"

Scott appeared on camera and reluctantly replied: "I'm gonna try."

Scarlett showed off the results of her new shorter hair gripped into a bun.

The star laughed: "I did not realise I looked like the Weetos man!"

She shrieked: "Scott has just taken all of my hair out but I'm going to wash it and show you my new short hair. What is this?"

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