Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s ex Andrew Glennon ordered to pay $500 fine after star claimed he 'blocked her time with son'

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s baby daddy Andrew Glennon is in contempt of court and has been ordered to pay a $500 fine in their nasty custody battle. 

Amber, 30, and her ex-boyfriend Andrew, 36, have been fighting over their son James, who turns 3 tomorrow, since 2019. 

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Amber previously claimed in court papers that Andrew went against their custody agreement by refusing to let her see their son the week of Christmas. 

The Teen Mom OG star also claimed Andrew failed to complete the necessary intake documents and pay the retainer for the Parenting Time Coordinator. 

She requested Andrew be “held in contempt of court,” which could result in jail time or a fine, for failing to follow the court’s order. 

The Sun can exclusively reveal that an Indiana judge sided with Amber, as Andrew was found in contempt of court for her January 6, 2020 and December 23, 2020 filings, as he’s been ordered to pay a fine of $250 for each. 

The court papers read: “[Andrew] has knowingly and willfully disregarded the Court’s Orders of November 19, 2019. Petitioner is in Contempt for his failure to comply with this Court’s Orders of November 19, 2019."

He was ordered to pay $500 toward Amber's Attorney fees within 30 days of the court order.

Andrew was granted primary physical custody of their toddler after Amber was arrested for domestic violence against him in July 2019. 

The exes share joint legal custody, allowing the Teen Mom OG star three unsupervised visits a week with James.

The Sun previously reported Amber’s claim that Andrew went against their custody agreement and refused to let her see their son the week of Christmas in court papers, as she requested the court grant a restraining order to stop him from interfering with her parenting time. 

Amber claimed in the court papers that Andrew entered into Our Family Wizard that he will be traveling for Christmas from December 22 to December 27. 

According to the December 23, 2020 court filing, Amber was supposed to have James from noon to 9pm on Christmas Day and on the same hours on the second-half of Christmas break. 

The documents alleged: “[Andrew] has failed to comply with this court’s order to initiate the services of the Parenting Time Coordinator and [Andrew] is again attempting to deny [Amber] holiday parenting time over Christmas vacation, in violation of this Court’s Order.”

She claimed in court documents that he denied her holiday parenting time on October 31, 2019 and December 24, 2019, as well, although this motion was dismissed at the time. 

Andrew fought back against her claims by filing a series of allegations in opposition to Amber's request. 

In one court filing, Andrew provided a calendar from October, November and December 2020. 

In the month of October, according to the calendars, Amber allegedly asked to postpone visitation with James three times over “poor weather,” twice because she felt sick and once because her dog felt ill. 

For November, she allegedly requested they postpone visitation twice because she felt sick and once because of the weather. Andrew postponed twice because James was ill. 

As for December, Amber allegedly canceled three times because of “poor weather,” once because she felt sick and once because she had a conflicting appointment. 

Visitation was also allegedly postponed because there was a misunderstanding in the schedule and because of bad weather, the court docs claim. 

As The Sun also previously reported, the MTV star filed a petition to modify parenting time, claiming there has been a “change in circumstances” that “warrant” a change to their custody agreement. 

She claimed that according to Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, parenting time is increased to include overnights when the child turns 3. 

Amber claimed it is in the “best interest” of James that “the current parenting time be modified to include overnight parenting time.”

A judge ruled on Amber’s request by ordering the two to resolve their parenting issues out of court. 

If mediation is unsuccessful, the request will be heard at a court hearing. 

Amber recently showed off toys she bought James for his third birthday this weekend. 

She captioned the photo: "There's no room for extra toys for bubs birthday…. I think. I can't wait to see his smile when he opens them in a couple days!"

Amber is also mom to daughter Leah, 12, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley. 

On the latest season of Teen Mom OG, Leah told her mother she didn’t want to work on their relationship because she has been inconsistent in her life. 

Leah even told her father she didn’t want her mom at her birthday party. 

Amber is currently on the outs with Gary as well, as she accused him and his wife Kristina of not pushing Leah to make amends with her. 

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