Teen Mom fans praise Chelsea Houska's husband Cole for manicure with stepdaughter Aubree before father-daughter dance

TEEN Mom fans were left with that warm, fuzzy feeling as Chelsea Houska's husband Cole DeBoer took her daughter Aubree for a manicure before they headed to a dance.

The TV star showed his paternal instinct as he took the schoolgirl – Chelsea's daughter with Adam Lind – for a surprise trip to the nail salon.

A clip for the MTV series saw the pair joking around in the car after he picked her up from school before the big night.

Cole asked Aubree: "Are you ready to boogie tonight or what?" to which she replied: "Yeah."

He then quizzed: "Are you going to request all the songs we listen to? You've got to let me just boogie," as he danced in his car.

After pulling up at a mystery location he announced: "Guess what? We are going to Nail World!"

A delighted Aubree threw her hands in the air and exclaimed: "I knew it!"

He then added: "You're going to get your nails done before the dance – that's because I'm the coolest!"

He later quipped he would be "the dad with the freshest nails" before he told the youngster, adorned with glitter nails: "I'd only do it for you."

The pair then headed to a dance together and when they returned they were full of smiles.

Aubree's mom Chelsea, 29, was equally delighted as she confessed: "I honest to God forget Cole is not Aubree's biological dad.

"He does everything he can for her and that takes someone really special."

Fans were completely on board with Cole's actions and gushed over his sensitive side.

One wrote: "This world needs more Coles! He is the best thing that could of came into Chelsea and Aubrees life! He has been there more for Aubree than her biological dad has been! They both hit the jackpot with Cole coming into their lives. ❤️"

Another then put: "I wish I had a Cole growing up. Aubrey is so lucky and when she’s older, she will be so thankful he was always there."

One then posted: "Chelsea's really lucky to have met such a kind guy like Cole. They don't come often, especially for single moms."

An Instagram fan then surmised: "Aubree is so lucky to have a guy like Cole in her life. Chelsea picked a good one for sure, she deserve it 💗"

Another then sweetly surmised: "Aubree will look back on this when she’s older and be so grateful for what Cole is doing for her ❤️"

Last month, we reported how the youngster decided not to invite her biological dad to the annual dance.

She has been in and out of her dad Adam's life, and mostly spends time with her grandparents, Adam's parents.

At first, viewers saw Aubree telling her mom that she wanted Adam and her stepfather Cole to be at the dance, but later the young girl revealed she had changed her mind.

Aubree shook her head no and when Chelsea asked if she still wanted to invite her dad, and when she quizzed if she was "okay with just Cole," the tween replied: "Yes, you said that was the end of it."

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