'The Bachelorette': The Contestant Hannah B. Was Most Impressed With During The Rugby Match

The group date featured on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette was a rugby match that got a little heated. Contestants got down and dirty in an effort to prove their affection and physical superiority to Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Both sides were cheering her name (“Hannah on three! One, two, three… Hannah!”) to amp themselves up before the match.

Some contestants took the game very seriously.

“I’m giving it all I got for Hannah. I refuse to quit. I’ll never quit on her. I think it’s important to show Hannah that I’m willing to fight for her in this relationship,” Luke P. said to the camera without blinking.

Luke P. definitely stood out in the match. There’s no denying he’s a physical specimen. As it turns out, all those muscles make him pretty strong and fast.

Luke P. is not the competitor that stood out to Hannah B. during the rugby game, but she did have some nice things to say about him to ET.

“Luke P. has always definitely shown that he’s here for me so we always have good conversations throughout the day,” said Hannah B. “Also really excited about that relationship, too.”

John Paul Jones was the best rugby player, according to John Paul Jones

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Contestant John Paul Jones had a feeling that Luke P. was going to get aggressive during the game (he thinks he felt he had something extra to prove since his relationship with Hannah B.’s started to slip).

“Luke P. is a pretty intense guy and I know he’s been going through a little bit of a rough patch with Hannah recently. So, I think he’s going to try pretty hard to prove himself,” John Paul Jones told ET. “So, I think he might be the most rough on the field, but I would say I’ll be the most intense.”

The contestant who stood out the most to Hannah Brown in the rugby match

“Let me tell you somethin’, my ‘Bama boy Garrett, he is getting after it. It’s in our blood, you know, to be champions–Roll Tide. Very impressed with Garrett,” Hannah B. shared with ET during the game.

Hannah B. and Garrett have a lot in common.

His Bachelorette bio reads: “Garrett may be a good-looking pro golfer, but he’s really just a humble country boy enjoying life in Alabama. When he’s not practicing his putting on the green, he enjoys going to church, running and drinking beers with his friends. Garrett’s sister-in-law signed him up for ‘The Bachelorette’ because she sees so many similarities between him and Hannah. Only time will tell if this match is a hole-in-one or a total mulligan.

– He once snuck into Mississippi State’s football stadium after hours and made out with his girlfriend on the 50-yard line.

– Garrett says the most romantic city in the world is Savannah, Georgia.”

After last night’s episode, it seems their relationship is inching closer to hole-in-one territory.

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