The Blacklist fans in meltdown as Liz Keen and Dembe stars reunite away from series

The Blacklist cast and crew finish filming

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As fans eagerly await season 10 of NBC’s The Blacklist, many of them were sent into a frenzy after two of the cast reunited. Excitement was further spurred as it was the first time the stars were pictured following Liz Keen’s (played by Megan Boone) jaw-dropping exit in season eight. 

The Blacklist was a crime thriller which followed the adventures of the criminal Red Reddington (played by James Spader). 

After evading the police for over 20 years, he suddenly handed himself over and was able to completely evade imprisonment. 

He was able to do so by agreeing to work with a task force to bring down other fugitives across the world. 

What has followed has been a complicated web of crimes that have affected both the professional and personal lives of the agents. 

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This included Liz Keen, who was a rookie when Red first landed on police radar. 

Their storyline took an unexpected turn when it was revealed Red’s identity was actually constructed by Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova (Lotte Verbeek) to watch over Liz. 

Katarina was forced into hiding and although her well-being was unknown, season eight unveiled she was alive and living in Paris. 

Sadly the two would never reunite as the season eight finale saw the jaw-dropping moment Liz was shot dead. 

As a result, the majority of the ninth season revolved around her, as it explored a two-year time jump where the task force had split up to mourn. 

When they eventually reunited, they devoted their time to resolving her murder and finding the perpetrator. 

As Liz was a beloved character, fans were ecstatic to see the actress reunite with her co-star Hisham Tawfik who played Dembe Zuma. 

The photo which Megan had posted on her Instagram stories was a selfie with Hisham away from the series. 

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In a second photo, Megan also shared a snap of Hisham and Aram Mojtabai star Amir Arison in a middle of a conversation.

Redditor MrGuttor reshared the photos with excitement to a fan page dedicated to The Blacklist.

User chivalroustroll commented: “Baz and Dembe were my favourite, beautiful men.” (sic)

To which another fan Searching4Syzygy highlighted: “And both are heroes with their pre-acting professions. 

The user continued: “Dembe/Hisham, a NYPD firefighter for 20 years, and Baz, CIA special ops and rescuer of kidnapped children. I love how their pure goodness shines through even in their characters.”

Others including Altruistic_Yellow387 noted the actress looked different, however, MrGuttor disputed: “To me, it seems she has gotten taller and thinner, even her eyes have changed for me.”

Although Liz is unlikely to make another appearance on the show, fans can look forward to seeing Dembe when the show returns. 

As for Aram, the character announced he would be leaving the task force in the season nine finale. 

The Blacklist is available to watch on NBC in America and Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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