The Crown's Emma Corrin 'hospitalised' after filming Princess Diana scenes in 'freezing cold' swimming pool

THE Crown’s Emma Corrin has revealed she was left “hospitalised” after filming Princess Diana scenes in a “freezing cold” swimming pool. 

The incident happened while shooting on location in Spain but ended dramatically when the actress’s oxygen levels dropped worryingly low.

Emma, 24, is the hot new flavour in The Crown’s most latest instalment of royal history, with the star portraying Lady Diana Spencer. 

The Crown recreated several key moments in Prince Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, and Princess Diana’s lives, including their trip to Australia in 1983 with their son, Prince William. 

However, instead of travelling all the way Down Under to film scenes, production took the cast on location in Spain instead. 

Speaking to GLAMOUR UK, Emma revealed the filming ended with a trip to the hospital. 

She divulged: “I’m asthmatic and had been ill for a while with a bad cough. I had to film a scene in a freezing-cold swimming pool. 

“It was the hardest scene to film because I was genuinely keeping myself alive treading water. We were meant to be flying back that night to the UK and went past a hospital to get antibiotics. 

“The doctors gave me an oxygen test and said, ‘We can’t let you go because your oxygen levels are so low,’ so I was hospitalised. 

“I remember the nurses figuring out what I was filming and saying, ‘Would you like us to put a cardboard box over your head so no one recognises you?’ in broken English!”

Read the full interview in this special digital issue on GLAMOUR UK.

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