The Great British Bake Off viewers had all the jokes about Biscuit Week

The Great British Bake Off‘s episode two aired on Tuesday night – and it was all about the biscuits! The 11 remaining contestants put their best spatula forward to make some seriously impressive creations, with Dave ultimately winning the coveted Star Baker for his three solid challenges.

As much as we love watching GBBO, it is made all the funnier thanks to the hilarity of viewers on Twitter. So just what have the fans been saying about the latest episode? See the funniest Twitter reactions here… 

Rowan’s biscuits sum up 2020 

Rowan never quite manages to finish a job, but in this case, these unfinished waistcoat biscuits summed up 2020 (and the lack of dress sense in lockdown) perfectly, as one viewer hilariously noticed!

The first Hollywood handshake 

Lottie was given the first Hollywood handshake of the season for her excellent signature bake of Florentines, and in her shock said she planned never to wash that hand again. We get the sentiment, but it is somewhat going against the advice of the government right now! 

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Viewers are already getting het up 

It is inevitable that the more you watch Bake Off, the more you become deeply invested in the bakers, their creations, and the time limits they have to do everything in. So when a viewer pointed out his girlfriend saw the show as her version of football, we could only agree!

Couch experts

Naturally everyone, whether they have ever baked or not, knows more about the creations that the passionate amateur bakers in the tent. It goes without saying!

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Escaping elimination  

Rowan has been the stand out favourite of Bake Off so far thanks to his extremely ambitious bakes – that he never finishes within the correct time limit. Luckily for him, he avoided eliminations by the skin of his teeth and lives to bake for another week in the tent, and frankly people were loving his attitude towards the whole thing. 

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