The Masked Singer: Blob ‘exposed’ as Lenny Henry but judges miss glaring clue

The Masked Singer: John Thomson revealed as Bush Baby

Five celebrities have been unmasked so far on ITV singing competition, The Masked Singer. This weekend, the remaining seven will take the stage to impress the judges in a bid to keep their identity hidden. Amongst fans however, Blob’s identity seems to have already been confirmed with a recent clue pointing at comedian Lenny Henry. 

Blob has been rumoured to be Lenny for quite some time now, but his most recent performance has confirmed that in the minds of many. 

The google-eyed monster has performed three times now, singing Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and then Word Up by Cameo. 

In his most recent performance he sung Hotel Room Service by Pitbull. 

That particular song has convinced fans Lenny is hiding under the mask as they linked it to adverts promoting Premier Inn.

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Commenting on Twitter, one fan posted: “Blob is Lenny Henry, the song has made it so clear with his Premier Inn adverts!!” 

“Holiday Inn….Premier Inn! It’s LENNY HENRY FOR GOD SAKE #TheMaskedSinger,” commented another. 

A third added: “Blob really sounds like Lenny Henry, but I don’t know enough about him to say it’s him from the clues. However he did those adverts for the hotels, so that would fit in with the song choice #TheMaskedSinger

“I’m sure it’s Lenny Henry, there was a big clue with the clown drawings with the red noses. The voice just fits too. His song choice also pointed to his premiere inn adverts,” said a fourth making a reference to Lenny’s role as a co-founder of Comic Relief,” someone else commented.

Other fans however have become displeased with how obvious Blob’s identity as Lenny has become. 

#TheMaskedSinger how can they not tell straight away it’s Lenny Henry?? Has to be set up to prolong the reveal,” commented one viewer.

Another added: “It’s painfully obvious it’s Lenny Henry and the idea Johnathan doesn’t know is LAUGHABLE. #TheMaskedSinger

In the latest show, it was Bush Baby’s turn to leave and be unmasked.

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The celebrity hiding under the furry mask was actor and comedian John Thompson.

Explaining his clues, it was revealed he was an amateur magician and was on a show called Saturday Zoo. 

Upon being unmasked he commented on how “as a Northerner who doesn’t feel the cold and who is already covered in hair, it doesn’t feel the greatest”.

Many guesses are floating around by fans of the show excited to see who the next celebrity to be unmasked will be. 

The top guesses for Robin include Jamie Laing and Aston Merrygold. 

Dragon could be Drag Race star Courtney Act or comedian and presenter Sue Perkins. 

In the next instalment, it’s believed a double elimination will take place – but who will it be?

The Masked Singer airs on ITV on Saturdays at 7pm. 

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