‘The View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Go Off On Trump, Get Muted By Censors

Whoopi Goldberg led off today’s episode of The View by saying, “So, the guy in the White House…” She then paused and added, “Mmm-hmm.” And it was on.

She proceeded to recap President Donald Trump’s weekend visit to Japan and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s recent missile tests. But Goldberg noted how the latter didn’t seem to faze POTUS, who instead made a meal of Kim dissing Dem White House hopeful Joe Biden.

A clip was shown of Trump “agreeing” with Kim’s assessment of the former U.S, vice president as “a low IQ individual,” and then the co-hosts started in. After some roundtable discussion, Goldberg started to go off on Trump’s penchant for labeling rivals with derisive nicknames. Her words were muted four times in less than 20 seconds, but exactly what she said is unclear.

Then, after an ad break, Behar was discussing how Trump was courting black voters with an attack on Biden’s support for the 1994 crime bill. “Black people know about Charlottesville,” Behar said. “And they know about him saying these are [censored] countries.” Although the sound was muted and her mouth was pixelated, it was obvious that she referenced Trump calling out “shithole” countries.

Behar pointed to the control room and said, “You can bleep that.”


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