‘The White Princess’ Producer Company Pictures Adapting Cult Novel ‘In The Days of Rain’ For TV

EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Stott’s cult novel In The Days of Rain is being adapted for television by The White Princess producer Company Pictures.

The All3Media-owned producer, which also produces BBC series including The Missing and Wolf Hall, has optioned the Penguin Random House-published novel, which was published in 2017 was the winner of the 2017 Costa Biography Award.

The book is a father-daughter story that tells of the author’s experience growing up in a separatist fundamentalist Christian cult. Stott, who also wrote bestseller Ghostwalk, grew up in in Brighton, England, as a fourth-generation member of the Exclusive Brethren, a cult that believed the world is ruled by Satan. In this closed community, books that didn’t conform to the sect’s rules were banned, women were subservient to men and were made to dress modestly and cover their heads, and those who disobeyed the rules were punished and shamed. Yet Rebecca’s father, Roger Stott, a high-ranking Brethren minister, was a man of contradictions: he preached that the Brethren should shun the outside world, yet he kept a radio in the trunk of his car and hid copies of Yeats and Shakespeare behind the Brethren ministries. Years later, when the Stotts broke with the Brethren after a scandal involving the cult’s leader, Roger became an actor, filmmaker, and compulsive gambler who left the family penniless and ended up in jail.

Stott wrote the book after finding out her father was dying of cancer and he asked her to expose everything that was kept hidden in the cult.

Company Pictures, which is run by CEO Michele Buck, is currently producing a third season of Acorn TV’s Agatha Raisin and is bringing back classic British detective drama Van Der Valk with Safe star Marc Warren.

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