'The Young and the Restless': Camryn Grimes Wants a Shick Reunion

Love stories are a massive part of The Young and the Restless. Since 1973, the show has created many iconic couples. One of their most famous pairings is Nick and Sharon Newman (Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case). Recently, the show hinted at a reunion with the exes, and there’s one co-star who’s got their support.

‘The Young and the Restless’ star Camryn Grimes is team Shick

Nick and Sharon, or Shick as they’re called, are a beloved The Young and the Restless couple. Their love story has spanned over 27 years and consists of happy and heartbreaking moments. Although they’re no longer together, Sharon and Nick will remain connected because of their children.

Camryn Grimes, who plays Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland on the show, always loves her on-screen parents. In August 2021, Grimes did a Q&A session with fans on Twitter. One user asked if the actor was Team Shadam or Team Shick. Grimes replied with “Sharon and Nick ALWAYS.”

Phick fans upset with Camryn Grimes

Nick is once again a single man. Recently, Nick’s reunion with his other great love Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), ended. A few The Young and the Restless fans celebrated the couple’s breakup. When Grimes replied to a fan video mocking Phyllis and Nick’s split, it riled up Phick supporters.

Phick fans began flooding Grimes’ Twitter with their disapproval over her response. “Thanks for making fan wars where you didn’t have to. You clearly have no idea who Phick fans really are.” Meanwhile, other fans came to Grimes’ defense, and even the actor admitted she was joking.

Will Nick and Sharon Newman reunite?

With Nick a single man again, he can have his pick of any Genoa City lady. Yet, there’s one woman The Young and the Restless fans feel is suitable for him. Recent scenes with the two together and Sharon’s conversation with Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) imply a reunion is coming. However, there is one thing stopping them.

Sharon is married to Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), yet their relationship isn’t solid. Rey’s worried about Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) destroying his marriage, but it might be Nick who’s the real threat. Although Sharon claims to love Rey, the two don’t have the passion and chemistry she and Nick have.

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