This Morning receives Ofcom complaints after guest offends Korean and transgender people

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Ofcom have received a number of complaints following a segment on ITV’s This Morning where they interviewed an influencer that identifies as Korean.

Oli London is a non-binary influencer that has said they identify as Korean after undergoing surgery to try and look like BTS star Jimin.

The white 31 year old from England has received a lot of criticism after “coming out as Korean” in Pride Month.

Oli claims to be “transracial” and has said they have “Korean eyes” after undergoing surgery.

They said: “So my love for Korea started about nine years ago, I used to live in Korea and I was an English teacher there,

“I just became so fascinated with the culture, everything about it, the language, the food, the people and that’s actually when I started having plastic surgery to have the Korean look.

“I’ve just become absolutely obsessed with Korea and finally I’ve just had my transition surgery on my eyes and brow to complete my new Korean look and I’ve never been happier.

“I feel great and I hope people can respect that this is the way I identify, this is how I feel and I’m just living my best life and I mean no offence to anyone.”

After the segment aired on the show, viewers were outraged that This Morning had given Oli a platform.

Viewers called out Oli’s attempt to change race as racist, saying: “Can’t understand why this person is claiming they’re Korean now can’t understand why it’s offensive? Race isn’t a trend. Maybe if you were actually Korean you would understand that?!”

Another said: “why did this morning give oli london a segment?? and phil and holly actually supported it???? koreans literally said they were offended by this man stop giving him a platform”.

While other viewers called out the damage that platforming someone like Oli could have on the transgender community.

One said: “I feel for the trans community who will receive so much abuse and so much gaslighting due to this person's actions And this morning knows exactly what they are doing!

“Giving Oli London a platform when this person is dealing with deep psychological issues is not it!”

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