Too Hot To Handle Brazil cast: Who is in the cast?

Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Netflix trailer for new series

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Too Hot To Handle is expanding into a worldwide franchise with the latest series set in Brazil. The Netflix dating show with a twist has almost arrived with just a matter of days before it premieres. So who will make up the group of sexy singletons this time around?

This time around, Too Hot To Handle will be based in São Paulo, Brazil.

The show in Portuguese will be called Brincando Com Fogo which translates as playing with fire.

Once again, the rules are going to be the same as the American edition with the group not allowed to have any sexual physical relationship if they want to keep the prize money from decreasing.

This can be anything from a kiss and heavy petting, to any more serious sexual activities.

Ensuring that they do not get up to no good is virtual assistant Lana who features in the first two original series.

Also on hand is comedian and narrator Bruna Louise who will be ready to scrutinise their every move.

As the show is a Brazilian production, the cast is going to be speaking in Portuguese.

So English speakers will need to use subtitles if they want to watch the reality series.

Who is in the cast of Too Hot To Handle Brazil? 

Very few details have been released so far regarding the Too Hot To Handle Brazil cast.

Nevertheless, some basic details have come out about who are going to spending their time in paradise.

The cast will be made up of:

Marina Streit – 24-year-old lawyer from Rio Grande do Sul

Gabriela Martins – 27-year-old model from Rio De Janeiro

Leandro David – 23-year-old Swimming athlete from Brasilia

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Thuany Raquel – 26-year-old businesswoman from Pernambuco

Caio Giovani – 29-year-old actor, singer and dancer from Rio de Janeiro

Ronaldo Moura – 29-year-old marketing consultant from Sao Paulo

Brenda Paixao – 24-year-old makeup artist from the Rio Grande do Sul

Davi Knelp – 21-year-old DJ from Sao Paulo

Matheus Sampaio – 25-year-old entrepreneur from Rio De Janeiro

Igor Paes – 27-year-old Entrepreneur from Bahia

Kethellen Avelina – 22-year-old executive secretary from Amazonas

Rita Tiecher – 25-year-old DJ from Rio De Janeiro

There isn’t too much longer before Too Hot To Handle Brazil premieres.

Season one will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, July 21.

But will this group of singletons be able to handle the heat or is it going to be too much for them?

Too Hot To Handle Brazil wil be out on Wednesday, July 21.

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