Virgin River season 4: Brie and Todd’s harrowing connection exposed in huge clue?

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Brie (played by Zibby Allen) and Todd (Patrick Sabongui) both found themselves at the centre of their own respective rollercoaster storylines when Virgin River returned for its third season earlier this year. While Todd married Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) and tried to take Jack Sheridan’s (Martin Henderson) children away from him, Brie struck up a romance with the Netflix drama’s resident bad boy Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) before he was arrested in the finale. With so much story left to tell for both, season four – if renewed – promises to be one of the most dramatic yet, but could it lead to the pair’s storylines overlapping in the most harrowing of circumstances?

The theory stems from Brie’s heartbreaking admission to Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) towards the end of Virgin River season three combined with Todd’s rather suspect behaviour.

Todd has been manipulative and demanding towards Charmaine ever since he showed his face in Virgin River, getting engaged and even married within just a few short weeks of knowing one another.

Not only that, Todd has been hellbent on whisking Charmaine away from her life in neighbouring town Clear River, desperate to start a life as far from the Virgin River as possible and even legally adopt Jack’s unborn twins.

He quickly emerged as one of the show’s least popular characters and it’s no surprise thanks to his gaslighting of Charmaine and brash and arrogant demeanour.

Brie, on the other hand, thought she’d found her Mr Right in Brady in season three following a heartbreaking miscarriage.

And delving into the details of the ordeal to Mel, she explained the pregnancy was the result of rape prior to her moving to the area.

Swearing Mel to secrecy, Brie told her: “Six months ago, I started dating that attorney I told you about. We met at a fundraiser and he was smart and handsome, and our chemistry was insane.

“One night we were together and I was tired from working all day so I told him, no. But he didn’t stop. And when he was done, I started crying and you know what he did? He got dressed and walked out without saying anything.”

Brie told Mel through tears that that night in question is what led to her miscarriage.

And while Brie didn’t give Mel the name of the attorney, Todd was quick to boast about his job in law when he arrived in Virgin River for the first time.

The pair never crossed paths in season three but once he discovered Brie was in town, Todd being the culprit would also explain his bizarre, controlling behaviour and desire to move away as far and quickly as possible. 

If Todd was the attorney who raped Brie, all of the clues are there to suggest he’s desperate to keep her as far away from seeing him as possible.

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Plus, the speed at which the attorney and Brie hit things off – Brie mentioned how their chemistry was “insane” from the get-go – is mirrored in the fast pace Todd has moved with Charmaine.

It’s a theory that could spell devastating consequences for the residents in Virgin River, none least Brie, Charmaine and Jack.

And a handful of the Virgin River fandom have also picked up on the clues, tipping a similar storyline to play out.

While venting on Reddit, user Pizookie123 wrote: “There was no huge bombshell reveal with Charmaine and her husband just all these passive-aggressive little things (in season three). 

“Only dating 3 weeks, married, moving out of the area etc were pointless as nothing was resolved. I kept waiting for Todd and Brie to meet and Brie to say Todd was the ex that raped her. 

“Or something to tie it together why Todd is acting the way he is other than the fact that he doesn’t want to share custody. Brie’s character was completely useless to the plot except to increase Brady’s positive screen time.”

But could Brie and Todd finally come face to face in the fourth season of Virgin River?

And if they do, will it come to fruition the harrowing crime he committed before meeting Charmaine?

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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