Watch Normal People's Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones fizz with chemistry in first audition for BBC romance

NORMAL People's Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are absolute dynamite together in their first audition for the romantic drama.

Viewers first got glimpse of their instant chemistry when the show aired on BBC Three and iPlayer at the start of lockdown.

A clip from their first audition shows Paul, 24, and Daisy, 22, channel their alter egos of Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan in March 2019.

The pair stood next to each other and made little eye contact to match their characters' somewhat complicated relationship.

The stars performed a scene from their school days in Sligo, which sees Connell comforting Marianne after his friends called her 'ugly' and 'flat-chested.'

The Maynooth-born actor in his role as Connell Waldron began: "If you know when I go out at the weekends or whatever I don't go after any other girls or anything?"

London-born Daisy, who perfected her Irish accent to play Marianne, looked down at the floor and responded: "No? They just come after you?"

Paul as Connell replied: "Very funny idea about me. Stuff like this doesn't usually happen in my life. I don't know I am actually quite awkward around girls to be honest."

Daisy was so adept at capturing the awkwardness of Marianne at school, especially with lines such as: "Do you not think of me as a girl?"

In another scene Paul can be seen putting his arm around Daisy and says in character: "I thought you liked me?", to which she responded meekly: "I do like you."

Normal People is set in the Republic of Ireland, and follows the on-off love story of a young teenage couple over a period of a few years.

The plot begins with their final year of school – and beginning of their romance – in a small town in County Sligo, where Connell is a popular star athlete while Marianne is an awkward loner who can also be quite intimidating.

We then see how their relationship evolves at university, Trinity College Dublin, and beyond.

Controller for BBC Three Fiona Campbell previously said of the show's success:  "We're delighted that Normal People has been such a success and so many people have come to iPlayer to watch it. 

"It's a modern masterpiece which has helped in catapulting the careers of two brilliant young actors, and we're looking forward to bringing more drama to BBC Three in the future."

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