Wedding nightmare confirmed for Fiz in Coronation Street amid new discoveries

It wouldn’t be a Coronation Street wedding without a bit of drama and soon, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) faces a huge problem as Phill Whittaker’s (Jamie McKenna) interfering mother returns.

We first met Phill’s mum, Mimi, at the end of last year.

Mimi is incredibly judgemental and annoyed Fiz a considerable amount when she overstepped the mark by insisting Hope and Ruby wear hideous party dresses for Phill’s birthday party.

Away from Mimi, Fiz faces more problems in upcoming episodes as Phill admits the crack in the lounge ceiling is a lot worse than he initially thought.

And then he spills paint all over the new wedding invites!

Renovating the house continues to be a living nightmare for Fiz as she learns the building needs rewiring as right now, it’s a death trap.

The next day, when Phill reveals that his mother is able to attend their wedding after all and would like to be involved in the preparation, Fiz puts her foot down and asserts that she can come to the wedding – but that’s where it ends.

But will Mimi listen?

Or will her involvement cause more problems in Fiz and Phill’s relationship?

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