What happened to Craig Burke in Vigil?

SUBMARINE drama Vigil has captured the imagination of audiences who are desperate to find out who's behind the mysterious murder of Craig Burke.

The third episode of the BBC One series aired on 5 September 2021 and was full of big reveals!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

What happened to Craig Burke in Vigil?

Mere minutes into the first episode of the drama, fans realised that the investigation hinged on the death of Martin Compston's character Craig Burke.

Craig witnessed a mysterious incident aboard the sub as he watched a trawler boat being sunk and dragged underwater – but he wasn't sure quite how it happened.

But when he brings up the incident to Captain Newsome (played by Peep Show star Paterson Joseph), he's rebuffed and sent to his bunker.

Not long after, he's mysteriously found dead in his room and – despite desperate attentions to perform CPR – nothing could be done to save the seaman.

Who killed Craig Burke?

The investigation into the murder, lead by Suranne Jones' character Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva, began post-haste – but fans are still waiting to find out the truth.

Here's who could be behind the killing – and why.

Lt Commander Mark Prentice

In the show's second episode, Lt Commander Mark Prentice shockingly confessed to the killing.

He revealed that he had punched Burke in a fit of rage hours earlier and believed this must have lead to his death.

However, after the Detective realised that there was a mysterious yellow stain on Burke's sweater and that the engineer who attempted to give Burke CPR had suffered from a mysterious illness, she discounted Mark Prentice's confession and began to suspect Burke had actually been poisoned.

CDR Neil Newsome

Fans began to suspect Neil Newsome straight away – after all, he has the most motive after encouraging Burke to stay mum about the sinking trawler.

He also initially dismissed claims that Burke had been murdered and wasn't too happy to see the police investigation get underway.

Captain Newsome also might have a vested interest in the trident programme continuing – giving him another motive if, as fans suspect, Burke was planning to go public with the Port Havers incident.

CPO Glover

At the end of episode three, most fans were theorising that Coxswain Glover might be to blame for the murder after it was revealed that Burke had been keeping blackmail material on a secret USB – including some saucy shots of Glover's secret affair with co-worker Tiffany.

Photos in the Coxswain's office suggest he's a married man – so could he have killed Burke to conceal his infidelity?

Lt Doherty

Glover's affair partner has come under similar scrutiny – as those saucy images also included her.

Could she have conspired with her lover to try and erase all the evidence of their sordid encounters?

The US Navy

After it was revealed that a malfunction aboard the HMS Vigil caused the death of two US Marine Contractors in Port Havers, Florida – whilst the crew were sleeping off a nasty hangover – fans are wondering if there could be a twist in this tale.

We now know for certain that the US Navy had been tracking the submarine since then – so could they somehow be behind the murder?

Gary Walsh

Engineer Gary Walsh was injured during the reactor malfunction – but survived.

After Hadlow claimed that tests didn't indicate the reactor was overheating, it began to look more and more likely that the malfunction was deliberate (and not the result of a negligent crew).

And so speculation began… is it possible that the explosion was actually an attempt to take out Gary? And if so, could he have been looking for revenge?

Lt Simon Hadlow

As the one who found the body, Lt Simon Hadlow drew almost instant suspicion from viewers – which wasn't helped by his refusal to co-operate with the investigations.

Overall, he's left fans wondering if he truly did find Craig dead in his bunk – or if that could be where he killed him himself!

How many episodes of Vigil are there?

There are six episodes of the BBC Drama – which means viewers are still just halfway through and there could be plenty of twists and turns yet.

The show began over the bank holiday weekend with episodes on both Sunday and Monday night.

The final four episodes will all be aired on Sunday nights on BBC One at 9pm.

Is Vigil on BBC iPlayer?

All the episodes will premiere on BBC One and iPlayer at the same time – and will be made available for over a year so fans can catch up on all the action at their leisure.

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