What really happens when you’re kicked off Love Island after Sherif’s shock exit

Sherif Lanre's sudden and immediate departure from the Love Island villa has raised a wave of questions about what really occurred to get him booted off the show.

While Sherif's family have insisted he will be seen on tonight's episode, ITV have yet to confirm whether viewers will witness the real reason for his departure.

But one former contestant who can reveal exactly what happens when a contestant is kicked off the show, having witnessed the most explosive exit in villa history.

Malin Andersson had a front row seat at the the fire pit when Malia Arkian was dramatically outed from the show within an hour of her arrival.

New girl Malia came to blows with Kady McDermott after inviting her man Scott Thomas out on a date.

Kady had been crying over their rendezvous from the villa and within minutes of Malia making her entrance, Kady accidentally spilled a drink down her leg.

Malia then jumped out of her seat and began yelling at Kady before security swooped in to pull them apart.

Kady has since claimed Malia punched her and gave her a nose bleed but says the scenes were never aired on TV.

Recalling what happened during the eviction, islander Malin told the Mirror how security guards are permanently on stand-by behind the fences of the Majorca villa ahead of any potential drama.

Revealing how they leapt into action during the spat, she said: "They are there all the time but on this occasion they ran into the villa to the garden.

"It just kicked off. It went crazy. Security rushed in and took [Malia] away and she was never seen again."

While Malia was escorted off camera to talk to bosses, Malin said that Kady was called to the beach hut to calm down.

"To diffuse the situation they had to call Kady in to get her away from it and then somebody would have spoken to her in there and then it was reported back to the rest of us."

"We all knew what the real reason was," said Malin. "They don't tolerate [that behaviour] at all.

"That was it, done."

Malin told how nerves took over her when watched the spat unfold in the villa.

"I laugh when I get nervous so I started giggling to myself but I just remember thinking, 'what the hell?'" she said.

"It all happened very quickly. It was very quickly defused and it was definitely the right decision [for Malia to go]."

Malin said that she and her fellow islanders were left 'shaken' in the aftermath of what happened even after Malia's removal.

She said: "We were shakey but we all talked about it and then slowly things went back to normal again, I guess."

While Malia was in the villa for less than an hour, Sherif has spent the last nine days forging friendships with his co-stars and embarking on a romance with Anna Vakili.

"He's going to be feeling really sad," predicted Malin. "I still don't have a clue why he's left but I feel sorry for him. He had formed close bonds with everybody but it must have been quite serious for the decision to have been made."

She went on: "I think Anna will also be feeling sad, but it depends what he's done wrong. She might not even care now if he's done something really bad."

This week Kady McDermott claimed that she was given a bloody nose in the 2016 spat the scenes weren't aired on TV as it was 'too graphic'.

ITV bosses have yet to confirm if the real reason for Sherif's exit will be exposed on the nightly programme.

"They are trying to keep it a family programme as much as they can," said Malin. "If it's something like that they wont show it because it's not nice for people to see.

"We might not even get to see the full extent."

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