Where are Trainspotting cast 25 years on? From Harry Potter star & Hollywood fame to 'blood' wedding to Angelina Jolie

THEY turned the British film industry on its head 25 years ago with their gritty portrayal of a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh.

And the cast of Trainspotting have enjoyed huge success since the film first aired on February 23, 1996.

From one actor's bizarre wedding to Angelina Jolie – which saw her write his name on her top in blood – to others' starring roles in Harry Potter and Hollywood hits, the original line-up have completely transformed their lives.

Here we look at what they've been up to and where they are now…

Ewan McGregor – Renton

He's known for his ability to slip into almost any role thrown at him, and Ewan McGregor went above and beyond for his portrayal of drug addict Mark Renton in Trainspotting.

The actor, now 49, lost a huge 2 stone and shaved his head to play the part.

While it wasn't his first leading role, as he'd also starred in Channel 4 series Lipstick on Your Collar, it catapulted McGregor to major movie fame.

Star Wars, Black Hawk Dawn and Last Days in the Desert are just some of his big hitters since, while he also had lead roles in Moulin Rouge and I Love You Phillip Morris.

McGregor returned to reprise his original role in T2 Trainspotting in 2017, alongside some of his former co-stars.

McGregor is now in a relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, after recently divorcing his wife of more than 20 years, Eve Mavrakis, who he shares four daughters with.

Ewen Bremner – Spud

Like McGregor, actor Ewen Bremner, 50, returned to the reprisal of Trainspotting in 2017 and looked very different.

The Edinburgh-born actor is renowned for his role as Spud in the film, before he went on to star alongside A-listers Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale in blockbuster Pearl Harbour.

He also landed a leading part in Black Hawk Dawn with pal McGregor.

Bremner has one daughter with actress Marcia Rose, and moved to the States following his early fame.

Speaking about his overnight fame on Trainspotting, the actor told Herald Scotland: "It suddenly changed my relationship with my environment. I was being accosted on the street and I had never experienced that before. I lost my anonymity. I didn’t realise how much I valued it until it was gone.”

Jonny Lee Miller – Sick Boy

Miller’s portrayal as Sick Boy in Trainspotting catapulted the actor into global stardom – along with a surprising and short-lived marriage to Hollywood sensation Angelina Jolie.

The pair starred together on 1995 film Hackers, before her top role on Tomb Raider.

After dating for around six months, they tied the knot in a very memorable ceremony – which saw the actress wear black rubber trousers and a t-shirt with Miller's name written across it in her own blood.

She told the New York Times of her decision: "It's your husband. You're about to marry him… You can sacrifice a little to make it really special."

It wasn't to last, however, and the pair separated in September 1997.

Miller's career went from strength to strength all the same, and he landed leading roles in 1997 hit Afterglow, as well as Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows in 2012, with household names such as Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter.

He also made his mark in TV, appearing in Showtime’s Dexter and crime drama Elementary as Sherlock Holmes.

Miller is now happily married to model Michele Hicks and they have one son, Buster Timothy Miller, together.

Kelly Macdonald – Diane

Scots actress Kelly Macdonald, 45, has gone on to carve a successful career since her role as Diane Coulston in Trainspotting.

She later landed leading parts in Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Finding Neverland and The Girl in the Cafe, for which she won an Emmy Award.

She was also nominated for a BAFTA after starring in No Country for Old Men and scooped another Emmy Award nomination for her performance in HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Macdonald was married to Travis baseman Dougie Payne, who she shares two children with, but they split up in 2017.

She's now been cast as Detective Chief Inspector Joanna Davidson in the upcoming season of Line of Duty.

Robert Carlyle – Begbie

Robert Carlyle, 59, was already a recognisable face when he starred on Trainspotting, having had his big break in 1994 in an episode of Cracker opposite Robbie Coltrane.

However, like his fellow cast members, the movie made him a global star and he went on to land a leading part in 1997 smash The Full Monty, as well as James Bond hit The World Is Not Enough.

His recent work includes 2015 flick The Legend of Barney Thomson – nominated for two BAFTAs – and telly series Once Upon a Time, while he also returned to T2 to reprise his original role in 2017.

Carlyle has been married to make-up artist Anastasia Shirley since 1997 and they have a daughter and two sons together.

Kevin McKidd – Tommy

Kevin McKidd, 47, gained a huge fan following after starring as Tommy, and quickly went on to be cast as Father Deegan in the 1996 Christmas episode of Father Ted.

The actor later secured roles in Hannibal Rising, Made Of Honor and Pixar’s Brave – alongside fellow Scot MacDonald – but he is particularly well known for his role as Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy.

McKidd married Jane Parker in 1999, but the pair divorced in 2017. They share a daughter and a son together. The actor went on to marry chef Arielle Goldrath in 2018, and they've since welcomed two children together.

Shirley Henderson – Gail 

Actress Shirley Henderson, 55, enjoyed early fame in Trainspotting as Gail – and has gone on to land some very recognisable roles since.

She's well known for playing Jude in the three Bridget Jones films and Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films, as well as appearing in Anna Karenina and BBC drama Happy Valley.

Alongside several award nominations, she won the 2018 Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her role as Elizabeth in the original production of Girl from the North Country.

It looks like the entire cast are right on track, with long and successful careers in the spotlight.

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