Where is Surviving Summer filmed?

Surviving Summer: Netflix reveal trailer for new drama series

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Netflix dropped 10-part series Surviving Summer on June 3 with the show quickly making its way into the top 10 of most-watched shows on the streaming platform. The series has been created by Home and Away writer Josh Mapleston and Joanna Werner, who also worked on TV show Dance Academy. Much like The Outer Banks, Surviving Summer seems to have won audiences – Express.co.uk looks at the filming locations for the show.

Where is Surviving Summer filmed?

Surviving Summer focuses on teenage tearaway Summer Torres (played by Sky Katz), who is sent off to Australia to live with distant relatives after getting expelled from her second elite private school.

The Brooklynite will be struggling to find her feet Down Under when she goes to live in Shorehaven on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

Despite her previous wayward behaviour, Summer builds up friendships with the local teens as she joins the town’s surfing community.

Although Shorehaven feels like a character in its own right, the sleepy town of Surviving Summer is fictional.

Filming on the teen drama took place between March 2021 and May 2021, according to IMDb.

Surviving Summer was filmed in various locations across Australia, most notably Melbourne, Anglesea and Victoria’s Surf Coast.

The production was split with two units with one focusing on the water and surfing part of the story, and the other concentrating on the main drama on land.

Surviving Summer’s director of photography Katie Milwright led the main drama unit, while Rick Rifici took on duties on the oceanside of the show.

According to co-creator Werner, Rifici was decked out in two wetsuits and spent about eight of the 10 weeks of filming in the water.

“They always say don’t work with children or animals, but add to that tide and wave size. Things can change rapidly without notice,” Werner told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Werner said trying to find a location for the Gibson family home, who Summer goes to live with, tough as there were very few houses in the style the programme-makers were after.

The co-creator said they were looking for a “fibro” house, a fibrous cement sheet property typically found after the war in Australia.

She said fibro homes were more difficult to come by around Anglesea in this day and age as many had been knocked down.

Werner said the crew were looking to create an “idyllic Australia” and were searching for a “pocket of old beach living”.

Small towns along the Great Ocean Road are also said to have been used as part of filming.

Lead star Katz also spoke about the filming process, saying she went to Australia to film for four months.

Speaking on CBS Los Angeles, the TikTok star and actress said: “I miss it. There isn’t a day when I don’t text my mum and say, ‘I miss Australia so much. I want to go back.’”

Katz also shared some behind-the-scenes snaps on Instagram with her co-stars including one which she simply captioned: Shorehaven crew”.

This isn’t Katz’s first role with the actress previously starring in Raven’s Home and Bunk’d.

Reflecting on the role of Summer compared to her other work, Katz said: “I think the character I played previous to this was Tess on Raven’s Home.

“I think they’re a little bit similar but I think [Summer’s] more mature and more layered. She always has an internal battle and there’s some struggle going on constantly.

“She’s got a weird relationship with her mum, a really problematic relationship there and internal stuff.”

Surviving Summer is streaming on Netflix now

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