Where The Commitments stars are now – Pop stardom, EastEnders and tragic death

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It's the cult film that sparked many poor renditions of Mustang Sally at weddings and karaoke nights all over the UK and is still a fan favourite 30 years after its release.

The Commitments was released in 1991 and quickly raked in the awards, even bagging itself an coveted Oscar for Best Film Editing.

The story followed Jimmy Rabbitte, a young man from Dublin who decides to put a soul band together starring people from his local community.

Following its release, The Commitments has won over legions of fans after gaining cult status and producing two hit soundtrack albums.

Thirty years later, Daily Star has taken a look at where some of the cast of the film are now – from starring in soaps, to pop stardom and tragic deaths.

Andrea Corr

Before Andrea Corr rose to pop stardom as part of quartet The Corrs, she starred in the Commitments as Sharon Rabitte.

Her role in the film gave her band the start that they needed, after they auditioned to perform in the film, and The Commitments musical director John Hughes saw that they had potential.

The band were signed to Atlantic Records and released their first album, Forgiven, not Forgotten, in 1995.

They released three further albums and have sold over 30 million records, in addition to touring with acts including U2, Celine Dion and The Rolling Stones.

Andrea Corr has since returned to acting and starred in the 2021 film Off the Rails, as Anna.

Angeline Ball

Angeline Ball played one of The Commitments backing singers, Imelda Quirke, in the 1991 film.

Since her first acting role in the Commitments, Ball hasn't left our screens, appearing in Our Friends in the North in 1996, Doc Martin as Julie Mitchell in 2005, Shameless as Gloria Meek from 2012-2013 and as Gael Reardon in Keeping Faith in 2017.

Ball also appeared as Maggie in seven episodes of BBC soap EastEnders in 2008.

She most recently starred in the film Deadly Cuts in 2021.

Glen Hansard

Glen Hansard starred as Outspan Foster, The Commitments guitarist.

A talented musician, Hansard left acting behind and pursued a career in music, working on the soundtracks and songs for films and television programmes including 2016's Sing Street, a 2019 episode of Tin Star and Nashville in 2013.

In 2016, his solo album Didn't he ramble, was nominated for a Grammy Award, and he has formed bands including The Swell Season.

He also won an Oscar for Best Song for the film Once, which he wrote with Marketa Irglova.

Andrew Strong

Andrew Strong was just 17 years old when he starred as The Commitments singer Declan Cuffe, known for his incredible vocals in songs including Mustang Sally and Midnight Hour.

He was nominated for a Grammy Award, following his role in the film.

Since then, Strong has released a solo album in 1994, toured with artists including Elton John, Prince and Bryan Adams, and also plays in venues across the world with his band Bone Yard Boys.

It is reported that he lives in County Kildare, with his family.

Bronagh Gallagher

Bronagh Gallagher played backing singer Bernie McGloughin in The Commitments, alongside Angeline Ball.

She has since starred in a variety of Hollywood films, including Pulp Fiction, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Tristan and Isolde and Sherlock Holmes, alongside Jude Law and Robert Downey Jnr.

She most recently starred in comedy Brassic from 2019-2020, and played Speer in the 2019 mini series Belgravia.

Gallagher is also a musician, and it is reported that she collaborated with Brian Eno on her first album.

Robert Arkins

Robert Arkins played The Commitments manager Jimmy Rabbitte, who decides to form the band.

However although the film was a huge success, Arkins decided to step away from appearing on the screen and instead moved into a different career path in music composition.

He earned a degree in Composition from Trinity in Dublin, and has since moved into producing scores for adverts and artistic projects.

He currently lives in Dublin with his wife and children.

Johnny Murphy

Johnny Murphy played talented trumpet player Johnny 'The Lips' Fagan in The Commitments.

Prior to the film, he already had a long acting career dating back to 1976, starring in programmes such as tv series Play for Today.

Following the hit movie, Murphy continued to act in films including Into the West, Angela's Ashes and Waiting for Godot, as well as appearances in television programmes such as The Bill.

Murphy died of respiratory failure on February 22, 2016.

Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy starred in her debut role as Natalie Murphy, one of the singers in The Commitments.

Like other members of the cast, Kennedy has found success in major roles in programmes including Queer as Folk, The Tudors, Dexter and as Mrs.Bates in Downton Abbey.

She also starred in films including The Conjuring 2, Sing Street and Gregory's Two Girls.

Kennedy has most recently starred in television series including Outlander as Jocasta Cameron from 2018-2020, and Kin in 2021.

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