Why does Bargain Hunts Philip Serrell always wear a scarf? Wardrobe secret exposed

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Bargain Hunt continues on BBC One and the series stars Philip Serrell as one of the antique experts. The TV presenter, who has more than 30 years of antique experience, runs his own auction house. The star has opened up about why he always wears a colourful scarf on TV.

Why does Bargain Hunt’s Philip Serrell wear a scarf?

Philip Serrell is best known for his TV appearances on Dickinson’s Real Deal and Antiques Road Trip.

He is also a familiar face on Bargain Hunt, having featured on the very first episode.

He makes frequent appearances and regular viewers would have noticed he always wears a scarf.

The star has since opened up about the reason why he sports a unique look on camera.

Calling the look his “Serrell scarf”, he said it was initially a hack he used to help the tech team.

On Twitter, he said: “Cast your mind back to about November of 1999, I was asked to record the very first Bargain Hunt that they ever recorded.

“I walked into the green room with a scarf on and I was about to take it off when the soundman said, ‘What are you doing?’.

“I said, ‘Well, I’m taking my scarf off’. He said, ‘no, no, no – don’t do that because I can hide the microphone in there and it makes me look really good’.”

The presenter was then called back for another episode, so he obviously made a good impression.

He said he then returned on a warm day without a scarf, but the sound engineer was not happy.

Philip said: “The soundman walks up to me and says ‘Phil, where’s your scarf?’

“I said ‘It’s in the car’. He said ‘Go and get it because I can hide the microphone in there and it makes me look really good’.

“Well, come August, I’m the only bloke walking around wearing a scarf.”

So with this in mind, it seems the scarf is for practical purposes, rather than a fashion statement.

Fans took to his Twitter post to share their thoughts on the iconic look.

@Im_Sarah_Hello said: “This makes ridiculous sense… And yet it’s a shame to learn the reason.”

@mshfylde responded: “Absolutely brilliant!” With @myra_benson simply adding: “Class.”

@julie_vail added: “You do have some lovely scarves though @PhilipSerrell.”

Philip has not always been an auctioneer, as he started his working life as a PE and geography teacher.

However, he soon realised it was not the role for him and began looking into auctioneering.

He set up his first business, Philip Serrell Auctioneers and Valuers in 1995.

His auction house now specialises in the sale and valuation of Royal Worcester Porcelain, as well as other Fine Art.

He has written a number of books giving insight into his fruitful career as a country auctioneer.

Bargain Hunt continues today on BBC One at 12.15pm

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