Why Were Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley Forced to Pause Their Podcast?

Coffee Convos with Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley is on an indefinite hiatus. Lowry and Chrisley made the announcement on social media. The podcasting duo has not stated why they are on a break, or when they’ll be returning to the podcasting mics. The friends launched their podcast on Dec. 15, 2018. Since their first episode, they’ve discussed everything from parenting to Teen Mom 2 to family drama. Ever since the announcement, fans have been theorizing about why the podcast is on hold.

Lindsie and Kailyn have put a pause on their podcast

For podcasting fans, Dec. 16 was a sad day. It was the daythat Chrisley and Lowry announced they’d be unable to continue with theirpodcast for the time being. The pair did not share the exact reason behindtheir decision to go on hiatus, but a statement by Lowry admitted that thedecision to pause the podcast was not their own, and they were forced to take abreak for reasons beyond their control, according to InTouch.

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• Just here to chit chat • ☕️☕️☕️ ? This week, @kaillowry talks about hearing ? in the walls at her hotel & what @lindsiechrisley found on her bed ? Lindsie tells a story about seeing a ? that looks like Stewart Little & why she didn’t tell Will about it ? We talk about why we wouldn’t let our kids have reptiles or rodents & why Lindsie use to be obsessed with ? & took one for kindergarten show & tell ☠️ We talk about our kids relationship with our pets ? & why we are advocates for adopting ? We talk about swallowing ?& if we think it is true. We talk about our experience at the crystal store in Atlanta & why Lindsie now believes in crystals ? We talk about running out of gas ⛽️ & why Kail ran out of gas in a McDonalds drive thru ? Lindsie talks about her plans for her 30th birthday & why we feel like it will be like the hangover ? We talk about a tragic story of a little girl falling out of a cruise ship window ? We talk about swim safety & why we feel people don’t truly understand the dangers of water ? We talk about the twins that died in a hot car in NYC & weigh in on what we think happened. We talk about the El Paso Walmart shooting & what we think about gun laws & why this has to stop ❤️ ⭐️ 1.If you are 30 or older, is sex better in your 30’s? 2.Do you believe that we swallow 7 spiders a year? 3.What are your thoughts on the hot car deaths in NYC???

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Neither Lowry nor Chrisley have commented further on thedecision, but fans have a few theories of their own. Some fans believe thedecision is linked to Lowry’srecent breakdown over crazed fans. Lowry, who is no stranger to celebrity,recently took to Twitter to remind fans that she, like everyone else, deservesprivacy. She stated, “I’mmoving AGAIN and changing my number because y’all crazy f*cks can’t respectprivacy & boundaries and don’t try to tell me it comes with the territorybecause it certainly f*cking doesn’t.”

Manybelieve that Lowry wouldn’t shut down an income stream just because of crazedfans, though. A more likely reason for the shutdown is Chrisley’s family. WhiletheChrisley clan has appeared on reality TV just like Lowry, their dysfunctionis on an entirely different level. In the last twelve months, tax evasioncharges have been handed down, and evidence of toxic behavior has been madepublic.

Is the Chrisley family’s legal drama to blame?

Some fans were quick to assume ToddChrisley’s legal drama somehow played a role in the decision to put thepodcast on pause. Chrisley’s father, Todd, was indicted for tax evasion inAugust 2019. While Todd and his wife, Julie, reacheda settlement with the state of Georgia, the entire mess placed a furtherwedge between the family and their estranged daughter.

The Chrisley family’s tax evasion indictment seems like smallpotatoes compared to the family drama that unfolded because of it. The youngerChrisley went to local police in August 2019 and filed a report stating thather father and brother were attempting to blackmail her with an alleged sextape. The tape reportedly featured Chrisley with Robby Hayes, a Bachelorettecontestant. Chrisley also claimed her family was harassing her.

Chrisley still isn’t speaking to her family

While Todd and Julie may have put their legal troubles torest, their familial strife continues. Shortly after the announcement that the podcastwould be going on hiatus, Chrisley announced she would be spending the holidaysaway. She has no plans to reconnect with the Chrisley clan at this time.

According to TVShow Ace, Chrisley and her husband, Will Campbell, will be spending theholidays in South Carolina alone. Chrisley hasn’t spoken to her family since2017, and the most recent drama doesn’t seem to be doing much for a potential reconciliation.Chrisley has remained relatively tight-lipped about the estrangement.

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