Young pictures of Demi Moore: What did the US actress look like growing up

DEMI Moore is undoubtedly one of Hollywood's most stunning stars.

In January 2021, she hit the headlines after appearing at Paris Fashion Week looking noticeably different.

What did young Demi Moore look like?

Demi, now 58, has always been known for being a beautiful actress.

She burst onto the Hollywood scene in the 80s fresh faced and with a mane of dark hair.

During 90s movies like Ghost, she was known for her shorter locks and even shaved them off for her 1997 film G.I. Jane.

It wasn't until the early 00s that she grew out her hair, and since then has been known for her long flowing dark hair and youthful looks.

What are the rumours about Demi Moore's plastic surgery?

On January 27, 2021 Demi sparked plastic surgery rumours as she hit the Fendi runway looking "unrecognisable and nothing like herself."

Fans believed she has had work done after she appeared front and centre during Paris Fashion Week.

The actress shocked fans when she hit the runway in a plunging off-the-shoulder jacket and matching wide-leg trousers, which were paired with bold geometric earrings.

While making her runway debut, many people noticed that she looks different and her cheekbones appeared much more defined.

Fans fled to Twitter to discuss Demi's new look, as one fan wrote: "Doesn't look anything like Demi Moore tome. And if it is Demi Moore, the surgeon that did that to her is a quack."

Another fan asked: "What did demi moore do to her face ?!?!"

Alongside a snap of the actress, a third Twitter user wrote: "Ummmm… WTF happened to Demi Moore's face?

Despite her new look, Demi is yet to comment on whether she has ever had any work done to her face.

How old was she in her first acting role?

After a troubled childhood, where her mum was an alcoholic and her father turned out to not be her real dad, Demi left New Mexico and headed for Hollywood.

In 1981, aged just 19, she landed her first film role in a teen drama called Choices.

She then had a stint on US soap General Hospital before switching the small screen back to the big one, starring in films like St. Elmo's Fire (1985) and About Last Night (1986).

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