Aldi sued by woman ‘injured in stampede for TV special-buy in middle aisle’

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A frail pensioner is taking legal action against Aldi after she was left needing surgery after she was reportedly knocked to the ground in a discount stampede.

The woman, aged 73, claims she was injured during a "special buys" frenzy which saw customers storm into the Corio store in Victoria, Australia.

She was allegedly hit by another customer's trolley in chaotic scenes sparked by a major sale on TVs in August 2021.

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It was reported that she fell to the floor and suffered a fractured hip, which required an operation.

The 73-year-old also claims to have been left with trochanteric bursitis, depression and anxiety, reports The Guardian.

Jodie Harris, from Arnold Thomas & Becker lawyers, who is representing the lady, said a large number of customers were “milling about” outside the store before the incident took place.

“The doors opened and then there was a rush of people to get in,” Harris explained.

“There was no orderly lines that were there, there was no system … [my client] was knocked to the ground right in the entrance way.”

The supermarket chain is widely known for its “special buys” sales, which offer bargains on a variety of items from tech to clothes.

According to Harris, the woman was the only one injured during the sale event.

She added that her client laid defenceless on the ground as customers walked around her, with one even reported to have lifted their trolley over her.

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“Another customer [did eventually] come to her aid and help her out, but certainly no staff,” Harris said.

Aldi has been accused of failing to provide a safe environment and not putting measures in place to maintain crowd control.

Court documents also allege that they didn't provide adequate pathways and accused them of encouraging a “sense of urgency among customers."

Harris said an on-site security and ticketing system could improve the safety of the environment during sales.

She added: "The hope is that there will be some system that is put in place by Aldi to manage crowds, to manage the orderly entrance of people into their stories.

“When businesses promote ‘sale’ days and create intense competition for their goods, this needs to be balanced with appropriate systems and process to control the crowds.”

Aldi AU has been contacted for comment.

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