Armed Forces face new Battle of the Bulge as troops record whopping 55-inch waistlines

TROOPS face a new Battle of the Bulge — with waistlines measuring 55in.

Many have been prescribed diet pills, with others kicked out of the armed forces for being too heavy.

In the year to April 2021, 11 service personnel — three from the Navy, three from the Army and five in the RAF — had a waist measurement of 55in.

The average British man’s waist size is 37in.

Five were discharged because their weight — which ranged from 17st to 22st — was a problem.

Shock figures obtained by The Sun on Sunday also show 3,000 serving personnel failed tests to check whether they are fit to fight.

The Ministry of Defence said: “Regular and robust fitness testing ensures personnel are physically able to do the job required of them.”

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