Australian who vanished in Indonesian jungle is miraculously FOUND

Australian who mysteriously vanished in an Indonesian jungle is miraculously FOUND a week later

  • Australian Stephen Camkin was missing in Indonesian jungle more than a week
  • Mr Camkin had disappeared with his male tour guide in North Kalimantan 
  • A search team was assembled and they were tracked to a nearby river 

An Australian man has been found alive more than a week after he disappeared in a dense Indonesian jungle. 

Stephen Camkin was in North Kalimantan with and left with his tour guide but when both men failed to return the rest of the group raised the alarm. 

A search team was called in to track the pair and were successful in finding both men more than a week after they were last seen, Nine News reported. 

Australian man Stephen Camkin (pictured middle in blue shirt) was rescued by a search party

According to local media both men were in a very ‘weak condition’ when they were rescued. 

The pair were found in the upper Bahau River which is outside of the North Kalimantan border. 

One of the search team, Taufik Ismail, said both men were in a bad way when they were found. 

‘Both were left with limited logistics,’ he said. 

‘Approximately a week they got lost in the forest, before they were finally found by our members.’ 

Both men were then taken to the Apauping Village Head’s residence where they were looked over by medical staff and are recovering from their ordeal. 

The search team (some pictured with Mr Camkin on the riverbank) managed to track the Australian and his tour guide to the Bahau River before rescuing them safely


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