Baby dies after swooping magpie causes mum to trip over while cradling tot in her arms

A BABY died yesterday after her mum tripped while holding her as she ducked to avoid a swooping magpie. 

The little girl had been left with severe head injuries and later died in a hospital following the freak accident in Queensland, Australia. 

Paramedics were called to Glindemann Park in the south east of Brisbane at 12.05pm after the horrific accident. 

A Queensland Ambulance Services spokesperson said: "A mother had reportedly been ducking to avoid a magpie and then tripped over with a baby in her arms.

"We transported an infant to Queensland Children’s Hospital in a serious condition with a head injury. 

"The medical director was on board and so was a critical care paramedic."

The baby, who has not yet been identified, died later in hospital. 

A young couple who were walking in the park said they dashed to help after hearing the parents screaming. 

A man told the Courier Mail: "I've seen shock before but this was beyond anything I'd ever seen."

He praised the baby's "heroic" father for quickly calling the emergency services while trying to do "everything he could".  

His wife added: "It's sickening I suppose, seeing a family torn apart in one quick moment."

Two Brisbane City Council workers captured the magpie today and took it away in a cage, after taping off the park and erecting warning signs. 

The Australian species is notoriously territorial and is known to attack pedestrians and cyclists at about 150ft from its nest.

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